Battling demon depression – Damien offers sage advice

It has been a couple of weeks since my first post, so just very quickly, I will let you know what I’ve been up to during this period. I have been super busy, I’ve created a YouTube channel (futureRippleMedia) which focuses on numerous topics including: mental health, NHS politics, keeping busy as well as promoting [...]

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Live for the present and not the past

Mindfulness…this ACTUAL moment is all you can control…so stop dwelling in the past or worrying about your future…it's futile and extremely STRESSFUL. Men think “I can work through this” and the term going in their cave is very true. Men generally keep problems to themselves and see it as a weakness to admit they need [...]

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One suicide is one too many – but 80 a year?

Jeremy Hunt is urging mental health units to prevent the scores of suicides by patients that occur on wards every year, which he says are due to failings of care by NHS providers. The health and social care secretary wants to cut the number of inpatients taking their own life on NHS premises from more [...]

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I’ve stopped knocking on a door that was barred to me

Richard rang me last week to talk blog posts and the cow one. Funny really that he has Ralph, Paul has Oscar and I have Cassie - all three are our dogs, not our children. He mentioned to me that my own writing had become more measured and less aggressive, which he's right about, simply [...]

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Stress-busting in north Norfolk with a dog

Or the alt title? Ralph (dog), ball, beach and a severe case of constipation. So how many hairs does your average Cockapoo have on its arse?? And before you start having kinky thoughts about us Norfolkians…let me explain… This week has been full on. I have visited 21 construction firms in various locations throughout East [...]

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 A hypnotist turned me into a newt … but I got better

I think it is fair to say that my somewhat sceptical opinion of hypnotism was fostered watching someone being hypnotised for entertainment purposes. Like most viewers I found it amusing that a completely rational person could be persuaded to behave like a ‘Newt’ and do some incredibly ridiculous things, triggered by a simple action or [...]

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Who programmed your mind?

Stressed…anxious….depressed…check out who programmed your mind…what do you think???...scary hey? I can say this without any fear of contradiction that there is every likelihood that YOU, yes you, an absolutely uniquely amazing person, have been struggling for years from negative beliefs about yourself which have triggered ridiculous and at times devastating reactions, resulting in far [...]

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