I did it for my family. I am darkness. I am the night.

This sleepless city is mine, the one I watch over, the one I try needlessly to protect every night, full of tortured citizens and unforgiving foes. It has grown to become an obsession to keep this city clean at night and to rid all those who pose a threat to the peaceful, innocent and vulnerable. [...]

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Man Stress goes live on the Wire Less

Showing my age I know with the term wireless for radio, perhaps I should now DAB to demonstrate my down wid da yoot coolness? Back to standard English though, and enough of the street vernacular, as Man Stress were summoned to BBC Radio Norfolk in the Forum where Richard was interviewed by Nick Conrad about [...]

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Child having panic attacks? Will your boss be sympathetic?

An old friend of mine, a former colleague from my teaching days in Lancashire, got in touch with me this week. Her son, Jack, now 12, was experiencing anxiety and panic attacks about school. Because Julie is a teacher, where absence for personal mental health struggles is often frowned upon by school leaders, and her [...]

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TIGER! … my arse … fight or flight was killing me

Our ‘flight and fight’ response is an amazing piece of kit and throughout the history of the human race when faced with a threatening situation it has been instrumental in providing man with the physical and psychological strength to ensure his survival…TIGER!!!...RUN!!! But fast forward to a world that is changing so quickly and dramatically [...]

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I had to smile… “there’s a shell on the beach!”

Yesterday afternoon Mrs C and myself took Ralph (Cockapoo) to his and our favourite beach, Thornham, on the North Norfolk coast. After the terrible weather last week I was aware that the North Sea beaches had taken a terrible hammering, but I was still really surprised to see just how much of Thornham beach had [...]

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