Reprogram your subconscious mind and eliminate stress

If you were to discover that, because of a quirk of nature, the toxic files planted in your sub-conscious mind by others were 100% responsible for all of your crazy thoughts, reactions and ridiculous behaviours (I am STRESS, I am a worrier, I am useless, I am no good, no one will ever love me [...]

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Project 84 – stop 84 men committing suicide every week

Not a clickbait headline but one you'll recognise as a fact if you've seen the news about the 84 statues built and perched loftily on the South Bank ITV studio roof of "This Morning", to represent the 84 men who kill themselves weekly in Britain. It's an alarming statistic brought to the fore by the [...]

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Headway threw me a life-line…I no longer have suicidal urges

Robert Ashton had a challenging childhood, failed his 11+ and grew up with low self-esteem. Years later he decided to start looking forward and move on from his past. Psychotherapy helped him through years of turbulent change. Today he's a successful social entrepreneur, published non-fiction author and a popular conference speaker. He's also a member [...]

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