From hell and back…David’s amazing recovery journey aided by yoga and mindfulness.

MANSTRESS is very keen to give any charity a platform where they can promote the amazing and tireless work that they are doing within their communities. The lives of hundreds of individuals around the country are being changed and improved dramatically because there are small dedicated groups working with restricted budgets, providing valuable help to [...]

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So writes RICHARD Wilkins, founder of Broadband Consciousness, who has spent over 20 years helping thousands discard their ridiculous ‘labels’, and thereby improve their lives. Richard believes that labelling individuals with a negative trait is one of the principle reasons why society today is so screwed up and therefore it is not surprising that a [...]

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I lost a good mate Andy, killed when cycling

Before I launch into the article, I'll just mention GDPR. We do retain your email details as site subscribers. We do have a Privacy Policy which is GDPR compliant. Please email us at for further details.    I worked with a Maths teacher in 1993 in Bolton who became a good friend, until the [...]

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Can you pass me a piece of that fruitcake, please?

Can you pass me a piece of that fruitcake, please? My battle with trying not to be a mental. I will never take the NHS for granted. It’s a wonderful privilege and I’ll always appreciate the wonderful work our doctors and nurses do. But if I hadn’t have had the luxury of private health care [...]

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Mental health awareness week and why we need to be aware constantly

Mental health issues amongst men and women have existed for centuries but it does seem now there's a much-needed sea change in attitudes to depression, anxiety and stress. At 53, I've got vivid recollections of suicide - my RE teacher Dave Ralph who committed suicide when I was 17 in 1982 and did Thorne Grammar [...]

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Why it is essential that MIND studies is taught in schools

When I was researching for my book I met a friend who was in a dark place. His father had just died and whilst he was struggling he found that his relationship with his daughter was degenerating…and they were seriously arguing and he was finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the fall-out. What transpired, [...]

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