Amazon – stop treating your staff like shit.

Stress kills.

You and I know that.

I often wonder when I pass a workplace, like schools that I’ve documented so long about, whether something radical needs to be done about stress at work.

When you watch those old films and even ones in the 80s and 90s where everyone is blithely smoking, it feels like a bygone age. Cigarettes are now adorned in plain wrappings with death warnings and supermarkets have taken to hiding them behind closed doors.

A bit like alcohol in Liverpool or Manchester, which always displayed in a glass, bullet-proof tunnel in off licences.

Now bear with me.

If 48% of employees do sod all about workplace stress and we know stress kills, how long before we see a factory, an office, a school with a banner draped across its front saying “WORKING HERE IS CANCEROUS” or “THIS PLACE IS TOXIC.”

I’ve never held schools in high regard at all – the hypocrisy and bullying in them is startling.

I hear the same about the NHS and churches too, as well as other workplaces, like Amazon.

Jeff Bezos is one of the richest men in the world. He’s got rich on a great business model but one that is seemingly stressing its workers.

Did you know Amazon UK’s warehouses have had 600 ambulance call outs in the past three years for worker injuries?

When I order from Prime and marvel that my Illy coffee arrives 10 hours later, there’s a price being paid for that service – workers’ physical and mental health.

Amazon is notorious apparently in areas where the warehouses are based and everyone knows not to work there, I was reliably informed, last week, by a friend in MK.

So why don’t workers sue companies? Why didn’t my employment tribunal efforts amount to anything?

Because the law does not favour the little man, the Amazon picker and packer, the stressed teacher, the 48% of employees suffering in a workplace.

And that to me is so wrong.

Don’t you agree?

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