Author Johann Hani – discusses ‘addiction’ on ‘Ted Talks’ – check it out

The human mind can become addicted to many things, some good and some terribly, terribly bad.


Well without making any excuses for my own weaknesses, unfortunately when creating the human animal, nature failed to put any filters on the substances I eat or the information I absorb, so over time unless I consciously restrict such inputs, then my brain becomes reliant on the hit it gets and BINGO I become addicted…

Well that’s my simple take.

During the last week I have listened to a number of features on the radio discussing addictions and antidepressants.

On Tuesday the guest on Jeremy Vine was author Johann Hani who having suffered with depression had been prescribed many antidepressants by various doctors in an attempt to neutralise his increasingly debilitating symptoms.

After many years of struggling Johann met a therapist who changed his life.

At the time he admits that only increased dosages of the prescribed antidepressants were keeping him sane and yet the new therapist couldn’t see that. “If these pills are so good why are you still so depressed” he asked. Initially Johann was affronted, “what the hell are you talking about, what the hell do you know about depression?” And this interaction went on between them for many sessions until Johann started to reason that the therapist might be right”. He explains in his book ‘Lost connections’ that when he was on the downward spiral he was so desperate to find a solution that regardless of whether a particular substance was working or not he would protect it to the end.

But with a new focus he started a journey that would ultimately cover over 40,000 miles, interviewing many of the world’s specialists in depression, which formed the basis of his book.

Which incidentally I have just purchased.

Until Tuesday I had never heard of Johann but was so fascinated by his work when I got home I Googled him and discovered that he had done a ‘Ted Talk’ on ADDICTION. He has an incredibly interesting opinion on this subject so please, if you allow yourself 15 minutes to listen to his take, try and do so with an open mind. Something Johann admits he struggled with when his new therapist threw the curve-ball question at him.

Here’s Johann:


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