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Headway threw me a life-line…I no longer have suicidal urges

Robert Ashton had a challenging childhood, failed his 11+ and grew up with low self-esteem. Years later he decided to start looking forward and move on from his past. Psychotherapy helped him through years of turbulent change. Today he's a successful social entrepreneur, published non-fiction author and a popular conference speaker. He's also a member [...]

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I did it for my family. I am darkness. I am the night.

This sleepless city is mine, the one I watch over, the one I try needlessly to protect every night, full of tortured citizens and unforgiving foes. It has grown to become an obsession to keep this city clean at night and to rid all those who pose a threat to the peaceful, innocent and vulnerable. [...]

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Man stress nearly killed me – and more than once.

I can offer a big tip that worked for me, worked as in I no longer now feel suicidal or pursue active self-destruction. For me, no salvation was possible without realising I am an alcoholic, and finding a way to overcome the obsession and compulsion for drink and drugs. That was what fuelled me for [...]

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