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Richard ‘The Wiz’ Wilkins – live, raw and unscripted 

Recharge Day Saturday 27th October 2018 Hilton Hotel Northampton A few years back when I was looking for answers to my own emotional struggles a friend took me to a Richard Wilkins recharge day, held at the Hilton Hotel Northampton. To say I was sceptical would be an under-statement but within 5 minutes of listening [...]

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I’ve survived…but a mate died and the other lost a leg.

I meet some fascinating people while auditing construction workers, and Jim, a site manager, was right up there with the very best. An amazing bloke. Whilst running through some paperwork Jim produced his CSCS card (a card that all operatives working on construction sites need). Primarily the card contains all of his skills and a [...]

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This amazing man Richard Wilkins is changing people’s lives …

This amazing man Richard Wilkins is changing people’s lives … I know he changed mine. Alone, terrified and broke Richard hit rock bottom when the light at the end of the tunnel goes out”. ‘Our greatest confusion isn’t that we don’t know what to do – it’s knowing precisely what to do but still not [...]

Stress management during the world cup 2018 for the sake of my grandsons

Song writers - Crosby, Stills and Nash wrote “Teach your children well and feed them on your dreams”…What great advice providing of course that our dreams are the kind that we would want to share…and that is why I gave myself a bloody good talking to on Monday… Let me explain. The national football team [...]

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So you think you know your own mind?

In recent times we at MANSTRESS have called for the government to make MIND studies mandatory in schools. If you check out my last post “is our over-loaded subconscious responsible for the growing number of suicides” you will gain some insight into our thinking. Every thought, belief, behaviour or emotion starts from the subconscious mind [...]

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Is our overloaded subconscious responsible for the growing number of suicides?

In 2015, 134 of our amazing young children at university committed suicide…that folks is 134 too many…and this is an upward trend. So what the hell is going wrong here?  Well to start with we have got to encourage everyone to be more open especially those who are struggling, because to hold toxic feelings in [...]

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The bike and a fuckwit mob…this video really did piss me off.

Middlesbrough born prolific author and columnist, John Nicholson, sent me a link to an article he recently wrote for Football365 entitled “let’s hope sanity gets English ‘fans’ before the Russians”. It is a powerful piece and one I wanted to share because to be perfectly honest it really did piss me off…on all levels. As [...]

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World Cup 2018: England’s Danny Rose reveals depression diagnosis

Thank you God…at long last…a top sportsman tells it as it is. Thousands of young boys in the UK are aspiring to follow in the foot-steps of their sports hero’s and yet not one, because of a totally inadequate educational system, will be equipped to deal with the real pressures that comes with a professional [...]

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World Cup 2018 – you don’t have to be completely stupid to be a goalie…but it helps

When I was a kid we always used to put the fattest kid in goal, reasoning although he might be shit at football, proportionally his bulk meant that it would be harder for our opponents to find the net.  Well that was the thinking, but after Gaywood Park put 18 and Hunstanton 24 past us [...]

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