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Berlin and back in an afternoon –  just to hear 6 simple magical words.

Coincidentally, I found myself in Berlin on Friday…it was a last minute decision which involved Mrs C, Seb (grandson) and myself, flying out to Germany for the afternoon. We left London city airport at 13.15, arriving back at 17.50… just to hear 6 simple magical words. As I sat on the British Airways plane waiting [...]

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STRESS was destroying my GUT and yet I ignored the signs

As abdominal pains continued to take over my life and with some really strange things happening down below (white and floaty stools for over 3 months was one troubling problem) with the support of a GUT specialist at the local hospital, I had every test that the NHS could throw at my symptoms. But with [...]

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I have a cold…I feel old…so I wept for my past

I have had an absolute shit week…let me explain. On Monday I came down with MANFLU…yep the real deal…OK…OK…a heavy cold but let’s not split hair here …either way I felt terrible. Now being self-employed, with lots of vacations planned this year with Mrs C, I simply couldn’t afford to take any time out so, [...]

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Stress Busting…Church Cottage Morston…with Mr Bean.

Last weekend Mrs C, Ralph (dog) and myself spent the most relaxing and wonderful time with our extended family, Ben with his, and Julia with her, 2 boys (4 in total) in Morston North Norfolk. It was my birthday, so as a treat Mrs C booked ‘Church Cottage’ Morston, a very small boating village situated [...]

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Stress-busting in north Norfolk with a dog

Or the alt title? Ralph (dog), ball, beach and a severe case of constipation. So how many hairs does your average Cockapoo have on its arse?? And before you start having kinky thoughts about us Norfolkians…let me explain… This week has been full on. I have visited 21 construction firms in various locations throughout East [...]

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 A hypnotist turned me into a newt … but I got better

I think it is fair to say that my somewhat sceptical opinion of hypnotism was fostered watching someone being hypnotised for entertainment purposes. Like most viewers I found it amusing that a completely rational person could be persuaded to behave like a ‘Newt’ and do some incredibly ridiculous things, triggered by a simple action or [...]

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Who programmed your mind?

Stressed…anxious….depressed…check out who programmed your mind…what do you think???...scary hey? I can say this without any fear of contradiction that there is every likelihood that YOU, yes you, an absolutely uniquely amazing person, have been struggling for years from negative beliefs about yourself which have triggered ridiculous and at times devastating reactions, resulting in far [...]

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Is Evil Ernie responsible for the growing number of male suicides?

Is Evil Ernie…our constant companion responsible for the growing number of male suicides? So who the hell is Ernie…let me explain. The other day while having a few bevvies, a colleague (Rob) told me about Evil Ernie…the person who he drives to work with every day. “I can’t remember when Ernie started to accompany me [...]

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Would you allow anyone to treat you as badly as you treat yourself?

Last night I was invited to a belated Christmas party. The company that I left two years ago to work on this MANSTRESS initiative, have retained my services on a part-time basis so still invite me to their amazing social gatherings…and the gatherings are truly amazing as the directors simply do not hold back on [...]

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