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Why do men engage in obsessive, compulsive addictions?

Rewind to 1977, the Silver Jubilee year, where swathes of  communities up and down the country engaged in celebratory street parties, not because it was a bygone age of Royalist adulation, but perhaps mainly because there was fuck all else to do back then. You couldn't immerse yourself in the web, stream music, FaceTime mates, [...]

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What is toxic masculinity?

Men don't cry, men shouldn't cry, men don't ever admit to mental health problems - because if you do, you're failing to conform to stereotypes of masculinity that are cultural norms in the west. Bullshit of course and it's good to see Jordan Stephens of Rizzle Kicks speaking out about toxic masculinity:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kamDDChUn0A&feature=youtu.be

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The best natural anti-depressant in the world

I'd hesitate to call this anti-depressant free, because there is a cost, but for the mental health benefits it brings, the price is negligible. To paraphrase Shakespeare, I'd have laughed to death anyone who'd suggested it in the past as a cure for clinical depression, but now I'd endorse those views. It keeps you fit [...]

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Should men talk openly on social media about mental health?

I'll admit something now - 7 years ago, my answer to the title would have been a resounding no. I'd have said it would serve no purpose other than to highlight your frailties. Keep it locked down, tell your wife, immediate family, close friends but don't go broadcasting depression, anxiety, trauma and stress for all [...]

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14 months sober today – not that I’m counting

I got so depressed and ill a few years ago that I began medicating with alcohol, proper binge drinking, heavy consumption to a point that my mental health was deteriorating further. Vicious circle - felt low, drank; felt temporarily better, drank more; ended up severely depressed and even suicidal. That stop button disappeared and I [...]

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Back from Berlin, where stress seemed non-existent

I don't like London at all as a place. I think it's dirty, too expansive and expensive, but above all, like many cities, I find it stressful. Stressful to move around, stressful in terms of ambient noise at night and, to me, in my twenties, thirty years ago, it felt dangerous. Cities generally don't appeal [...]

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Why are workplace leaders like pack animals?

Let's be honest with a sweeping generalisation - in the UK today, many adult mental health problems stem from the workplace. I can only talk with any foundation about education as bullying there is woven into the fabric of schools and displayed, overtly or covertly, by headteachers and their pack animals, the Senior Leadership Team. [...]

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