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Welcome to MAN STRESS a web based platform, founded by author Richard Crisp, which will provide a forum where anyone can contribute without fear of ridicule, derision or stigmatisation.

Through our editor Stuart Walton (an ex-teacher turned writer) and Paul Charnock (web designer), we will write openly and honestly about our own mental health struggles and invite others to contribute either anonymously or openly. We will introduce, through the experiences of others, individuals who are specialist in particular fields of mental or physical health. We will review therapies and invite contributors with positive experiences to share their stories.  We will introduce you to simple, easy to follow practices that will help address your own complex issues.

MANSTRESS is for YOU and therefore it will grow organically…its editorial direction will be governed by YOU not us.

It is not an academic exercise in bamboozlement; it’s intended to describe everyday problems men face and offer solutions through the experiences of others for longer term recuperation and recovery from mental health issues, written in layman terms.

MANSTRESS won’t trivialise what many men suffer with, in silence.

All contributions will be subject to editorial approval and must be formed on the basis of PROBLEM and SOLUTION, a method Richard and Stuart exemplify in their accounts.


Alone with my thoughts as company toxic messages continue to lambast my brain….and gradually, very gradually, the default setting of my mind started to change and with it my thoughts and behaviours became increasingly irrational…having a devastating impact on the relationship I had with myself and others.

Was it nature’s idea of a poor joke or was there something more sinister going on here?

The same old thinking = the same old results… or in the words of Albert Einstein “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

So here I was, a very ordinary, very simple man waking up to the reality that if I continued to fill my head with the same old crappy thinking then the outcome would always be the same… absolutely crap!!

I didn’t need to be a scholar of philosophy to work that one out (which is good because I’m more of your creative then academic type, if you get my drift), but time in my crazy full-on diary of life to find space for some clear unscrambled thinking…free time as a commodity isn’t that readily available in the maniac 21st century world that I share with millions of others with the same dilemmas…and internal struggles.

For most of my adult life I had struggled with bouts of chronic stress, a condition where the brain is so unloaded that it continues unabated to release chemicals which; when fired as nature intended are perfectly harmless;  but when everything is out of kilter, these chemicals can have a devastating impact on our emotional and physical state. So the upshot was, because of 24/7 stresses, caused in part by the pressure of the modern world, the health of my body and mind was systematically being destroyed by a physiological reaction, which ironically, had been designed to protect me.

How crazy is that?


So through sheer desperation I made time and went in search of answers to a ‘quirk’ of nature that appeared to be having such a devastating impact of the well-being of modern man.

For many months during my free time, I attended lectures, read books, listened to CDs and spent hours, hundreds of hours on the internet, and gradually I started to piece together answers to these ridiculous behaviour patterns and discovered so much about the mechanics of the human mind that I felt compelled to put pen to paper and write a book in the hope that it would help others deal with their own but certainly not unique internal struggles…which as a dyslexic, meant that I was force to expose a secret that had plagued me for my entire life. As I delved further into the complexities of the human mind, this became the catalyst to my emotional and physical roller-coaster journey into middle-age.

In 2015 “Crap Thanks How’s Your Life Been?” was published and based purely on the positive feedback it received (check on Amazon for reviews) made me realise the content of Crap Thanks had as a book alone it could never reach enough people and so I started to work on an idea for a digital platform aimed at a very specific market.


Why? Because as a general rule WE are conditioned not to talk openly about our internal struggles and this is one of the major contributors to US developing extremely unpleasant and sometimes life-threatening mental and physical health problems.

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