How to react when some bastard scratches your new car

“Some bastard scratches your new car and yet you’re so bloody CALM!…aaarrrggghhh!”

This scratched car story was told to me by my great friend Floyd Greg, a brilliant hypnotherapist and all round good bloke.

Born in Brooklyn, New York City, Floyd landed on our shores in the early 1970’s with nothing much to offer, his soon to be adopted country, other than a head full of shit and a shed load of demons.

“My upbringing was tough; actually brutally tough; there was no love in our family but a whole load of mental abuse which created the catalyst to my chronic depression” he admits.

Recognising that he needed help…serious help he was introduced to a hypnotherapist. That therapist not only saved his life but changed his entire life’s journey. Because Floyd became so fascinated by the processes and methodologies the therapist used that he decided to learn the skills and has consequently become a highly acclaimed specialist in the art.

Floyd has some great stories which he tells with his wonderful mid-Atlantic drawl but this particular one demonstrates how a random event can cause a serious fallout between 2 totally innocence people.

So the story goes something like this… a few days after taking ownership of his brand spanking new car, Floyd takes Mrs G out for a drive and they end up at the local supermarket where they park and go off to do some impulse shopping…when they returned Mrs G sees a large scratch running along the passenger door; clearly caused by a trolley.

Trying to hold back her anger she points it out to Floyd, who examines it, ponders for a few seconds and then starts to returns to the rear of the car to continue loading the shopping into the boot…but before he has taken his second step Mrs G explodes…”FLOYD some bastard has scratched your car so what the hell are you going to do about it?”

Floyd turns to his wife and says, “I’ll book it into the garage and get it resprayed”

“IS THAT IT?” she responds, splitting fire.

“So what do you want me to do?” enquired Floyd calmly.

“Get bloody angry man” she retorts with smoke coming out of her ears.

“Who with?” he reasoned.

At that juncture the ex-Mrs G gets into the car and slams the car. They didn’tt speak again that day.

They divorced some time later.

So in Mrs G’s words “What the hell happened here?”

This story provides a wonderful insight into how the subconscious mind works and why couples, friends and bosses can find themselves having completely ridiculous arguments and fall-outs…over nondescript and non-life threatening, issues.

Here’s a question for you.

When confronted by a similar situation, if I could give you the choice between taking Floyd’s positive or Mrs G’s negative stance, which one would you choose??”

Just to help with your answer.

Many years ago when Floyd was at his lowest ebb he admits that he struggled to deal with anything in a positive light. So let’s assume on the day his ‘pride and joy’ got scratched he was still in that dark place; what do you think the outcome would have been?? You don’t have to be Einstein to work out that the mixture of Mrs G’s anger and Floyd’s stress would have been devastatingly explosive!

Whichever way you toss the dice this is a lose, lose situation benefiting neither… and worse still, they would inevitably have felt  isolated from each other and left alone during the aftermath while rationally trying to deal with the psychological and emotional effects that almost certainly would have ensued….while the demons fucked around with their minds!!

Floyd ultimately, through hypnotherapy, found a way to re-balancing the toxic files in his subconscious but I wager the ex-Mrs F is still struggling. And yet she is not to blame. No seriously it’s not her fault.

Because if Mrs F was given the choice of dealing positively or negatively to the car scratching episode, unless the woman is a fool, then surely she would have preferred to have dealt with it in a calm and relaxed manner, like her husband…because had she done so, the rest of her day would have continued as it had started and her future life might have been infinitely better.

I learned about the power of the subconscious through my good friend Richard Wilkins the self- proclaimed ‘Minister of inspiration’ who with his amazing partner Liz Ivory taught me, using a very simple process,  how to neutralise those toxic files (Scripts) in my subconscious that were seriously screwing my life up.

Once I understood the mechanics of the human mind, I stopped being a prisoner to its toxic powers, broke free and wrote a book…which for someone who had spent his life believing he was dyslexic, and thereby thick and stupid demonstrates just how incredible our lives can be without the shackles of those toxic files; files that are responsible for automatically triggering reactions that if given the choice we would never choose to trigger.

I will tell you more about ‘the script’ and Richard and Liz’s incredible work (check them out on the internet) in my next post.

If you have found simple ways to address your own toxic files or worked with a specialist you would like to recommend, please let us know.

The MANSTRESS platform is designed for us ALL to share our positive experiences and thereby help others.

Have an amazing day…you deserve it.

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