World Cup 2018: England’s Danny Rose reveals depression diagnosis

Thank you God…at long last…a top sportsman tells it as it is. Thousands of young boys in the UK are aspiring to follow in the foot-steps of their sports hero’s and yet not one, because of a totally inadequate educational system, will be equipped to deal with the real pressures that comes with a professional [...]

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There’s a sea-change in mental health discussions

This site is not about the Zeitgeist, the bandwagon, yet it's captured, we admit, a new mood emerging in this country - a willingness to talk openly about mental health. There's still a long way to go to get people truly opening up about it and those managers of workplace accepting and supporting staff with [...]

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How beaches and toxic colleagues make me feel

When you're faced with a life threat: a sabre toothed tiger, a building on fire, a car crash, anxiety at work, clinical depression, we have two basic human instincts - fight or flight. A couple of years ago, walking through Tesco Extra, a former colleague came up to me and asked, with an ashen face, [...]

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