Britin……and other reasons that make me feel stressed

“Yes, I made it….!”. I have just arrived back in the UK with a fully restored Land Rover Discovery. I was quite stressed about entering the country because during the two year restoration process overseas, the car was SORN-ed in Britain. Also, for that reason, it did not have a valid MOT. So, when I [...]

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How are stress and depression connected?

There's no doubt that stress can lead to depression and chronic stress to severe depression and it's a vicious circle - the things you need to do when you're stressed, like exercising and practising mindfulness, often give way to stronger, negative behaviours like taking drugs, comfort eating or heavy drinking.  Stress in small amounts can [...]

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This amazing man Richard Wilkins is changing people’s lives …

This amazing man Richard Wilkins is changing people’s lives … I know he changed mine. Alone, terrified and broke Richard hit rock bottom when the light at the end of the tunnel goes out”. ‘Our greatest confusion isn’t that we don’t know what to do – it’s knowing precisely what to do but still not [...]

Major depressive disorders – symptoms and recovery

Depression affects 20% of the global population and it kills. 84 men a week take their own lives in the U.K. alone - depression, stress, anxiety and suicide are colossal epidemics, amongst men and women. As someone who suffered from a major depressive disorder from 2013 to late 2016, and has chronicled it repeatedly, I [...]

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Is our overloaded subconscious responsible for the growing number of suicides?

In 2015, 134 of our amazing young children at university committed suicide…that folks is 134 too many…and this is an upward trend. So what the hell is going wrong here?  Well to start with we have got to encourage everyone to be more open especially those who are struggling, because to hold toxic feelings in [...]

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One of the many reasons we love what we do

When we set up Man Stress collectively, we knew there was a need for a platform where people, particularly men, could talk openly about depression, anxiety, stress and suicide. As a tribe of three, we've all suffered ourselves and generally in silence. Whether that's the "Man Up" or "Boys Don't Cry" mentality that is reinforced [...]

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Man Stress goes live on the Wire Less

Showing my age I know with the term wireless for radio, perhaps I should now DAB to demonstrate my down wid da yoot coolness? Back to standard English though, and enough of the street vernacular, as Man Stress were summoned to BBC Radio Norfolk in the Forum where Richard was interviewed by Nick Conrad about [...]

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Are you mad? I’m not going out in this weather for anyone…

Are you mad? I’m not going out in this weather for anyone… Except Ralph of course. On Wednesday I had 4 appointments planned with clients in the Essex area. My alarm went off at 5.30 and the first thing I heard was the news reader telling the world that hundreds of vehicles were stranded on [...]

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