Escape the stress in sunny Skegness

I had spent most of my working life in sales which I can honestly say was something I did not enjoy and found very stressful. I tried a few other things such as running my own pub, retail management and even carpet fitting but somehow, when these career changes didn’t work, I found myself back [...]

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Back from Berlin, where stress seemed non-existent

I don't like London at all as a place. I think it's dirty, too expansive and expensive, but above all, like many cities, I find it stressful. Stressful to move around, stressful in terms of ambient noise at night and, to me, in my twenties, thirty years ago, it felt dangerous. Cities generally don't appeal [...]

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How to defeat depression – in just four years

I remember when I first started sinking into depression in March 2013, under a year into a new job, which I thought would be a good move, but was actually a disaster. I ended up with high blood pressure, headaches, sleeplessness, anxiety, suicidal ideation, the whole shebang. Going to the doctor's, I was asked a [...]

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Would you allow anyone to treat you as badly as you treat yourself?

Last night I was invited to a belated Christmas party. The company that I left two years ago to work on this MANSTRESS initiative, have retained my services on a part-time basis so still invite me to their amazing social gatherings…and the gatherings are truly amazing as the directors simply do not hold back on [...]

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Why tough men should weep

I weep a lot…but then so did my dad…yet another wonderful quality I inherited from him. My dad certainly wasn’t and I don’t think I am ‘an emotional wreck’, but sensitive, too bloody right I’m sensitive… and proud of it! Anyway what the hell’s wrong with being sensitive?  Sensitivity isn’t an illness, it isn’t a [...]

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