Richard ‘The Wiz’ Wilkins – live, raw and unscripted 

Recharge Day Saturday 27th October 2018 Hilton Hotel Northampton A few years back when I was looking for answers to my own emotional struggles a friend took me to a Richard Wilkins recharge day, held at the Hilton Hotel Northampton. To say I was sceptical would be an under-statement but within 5 minutes of listening [...]

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Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds

Redemption song. A classic song by Bob Marley and one England have seen unfolding in recent weeks, when the unheralded and unsung Gareth Southgate and his 23 men surpassed all expectations to reach a World Cup semi-final. There's been much written about Gareth Southgate - his consoling hug for a Colombian player, his waistcoats, his [...]

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How are stress and depression connected?

There's no doubt that stress can lead to depression and chronic stress to severe depression and it's a vicious circle - the things you need to do when you're stressed, like exercising and practising mindfulness, often give way to stronger, negative behaviours like taking drugs, comfort eating or heavy drinking.  Stress in small amounts can [...]

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This amazing man Richard Wilkins is changing people’s lives …

This amazing man Richard Wilkins is changing people’s lives … I know he changed mine. Alone, terrified and broke Richard hit rock bottom when the light at the end of the tunnel goes out”. ‘Our greatest confusion isn’t that we don’t know what to do – it’s knowing precisely what to do but still not [...]