Men’s mental health is bordering on a crisis, so what can you do?

We know, you know, men are often conditioned to suppress emotions, to not show feelings, to maintain the stiff upper lip so when the likes of Gary Speed, Robin Williams and Anthony Bourdain take their own lives, there's a rightful outpouring of emotions about these very public figures choosing to end the life they have. [...]

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The bike and a fuckwit mob…this video really did piss me off.

Middlesbrough born prolific author and columnist, John Nicholson, sent me a link to an article he recently wrote for Football365 entitled “let’s hope sanity gets English ‘fans’ before the Russians”. It is a powerful piece and one I wanted to share because to be perfectly honest it really did piss me off…on all levels. As [...]

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World Cup 2018: England’s Danny Rose reveals depression diagnosis

Thank you God…at long last…a top sportsman tells it as it is. Thousands of young boys in the UK are aspiring to follow in the foot-steps of their sports hero’s and yet not one, because of a totally inadequate educational system, will be equipped to deal with the real pressures that comes with a professional [...]

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World Cup 2018 – you don’t have to be completely stupid to be a goalie…but it helps

When I was a kid we always used to put the fattest kid in goal, reasoning although he might be shit at football, proportionally his bulk meant that it would be harder for our opponents to find the net.  Well that was the thinking, but after Gaywood Park put 18 and Hunstanton 24 past us [...]

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Stabbed surgeon forgives perpetrator…and I fully GET why.

When shit hits the fan how do you react? Or more importantly, going forward, how has a bad experience affected your life?  Perhaps the answer lies with the tens of thousands of individuals who today are sitting in doctor’s surgeries around the UK hoping that their GP will prescribe them some magic potion that will [...]

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Depressed and fed up – how the spirited children of Nepal changed everything for me.

Winter 2000 I was absolutely depressed and fed up with the day to day hassle and pressure that all came as part of my role in a retail business. Around April time I started to think of somewhere where perhaps I could go to “get away from it all.” I most certainly did not want [...]

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From hell and back…David’s amazing recovery journey aided by yoga and mindfulness.

MANSTRESS is very keen to give any charity a platform where they can promote the amazing and tireless work that they are doing within their communities. The lives of hundreds of individuals around the country are being changed and improved dramatically because there are small dedicated groups working with restricted budgets, providing valuable help to [...]

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So writes RICHARD Wilkins, founder of Broadband Consciousness, who has spent over 20 years helping thousands discard their ridiculous ‘labels’, and thereby improve their lives. Richard believes that labelling individuals with a negative trait is one of the principle reasons why society today is so screwed up and therefore it is not surprising that a [...]

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