1 year today since Grenfell and mental health costs mount

I was in Norwich today, having a meander with a mate, another shafted by the slings and arrows of outrageous education management (or mis-management), and as we were wandering through John Lewis, a tannoy announcement told us at midday there would be a minute's silence for the victims of Grenfell. Rightly so too, as that [...]

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Stress Busting…Church Cottage Morston…with Mr Bean.

Last weekend Mrs C, Ralph (dog) and myself spent the most relaxing and wonderful time with our extended family, Ben with his, and Julia with her, 2 boys (4 in total) in Morston North Norfolk. It was my birthday, so as a treat Mrs C booked ‘Church Cottage’ Morston, a very small boating village situated [...]

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