Depressed and fed up – how the spirited children of Nepal changed everything for me.

Winter 2000 I was absolutely depressed and fed up with the day to day hassle and pressure that all came as part of my role in a retail business. Around April time I started to think of somewhere where perhaps I could go to “get away from it all.” I most certainly did not want [...]

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Can you pass me a piece of that fruitcake, please?

Can you pass me a piece of that fruitcake, please? My battle with trying not to be a mental. I will never take the NHS for granted. It’s a wonderful privilege and I’ll always appreciate the wonderful work our doctors and nurses do. But if I hadn’t have had the luxury of private health care [...]

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Loneliness isn’t just about being alone

Loneliness isn't just about being alone. I'm rarely alone - family and friends often hang out here and there's always someone popping by or bumping into me - but sometimes I feel lonely. I've always liked my own company and I don't feel the need to be around people. I'm an introvert in an extrovert's [...]

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Escape the stress in sunny Skegness

I had spent most of my working life in sales which I can honestly say was something I did not enjoy and found very stressful. I tried a few other things such as running my own pub, retail management and even carpet fitting but somehow, when these career changes didn’t work, I found myself back [...]

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Hypnotherapy – a real stress buster … the truth by Jan Haley Brightwood

We're familiar with many causes of stress 'out there' but sometimes the most disturbing ones are 'in here', where we can't understand why we get triggered in certain types of situations, no matter how strongly or how often we resolve that we're going to 'be different next time'. We get angry and blame ourselves for [...]

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