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I checked into a hotel in California and am still there

Addiction – “I got drunk once for 23 years” says Joe Walsh (The Eagles) reformed alcoholic.

“Are those crazy things you did when you were going through this dark period true” asked the interviewer.

“I can’t remember but they have to be because I have read the police reports” responds Joe Walsh, one of the wild men of rock.

“So when you wanted a bigger hotel room you DID cut the party wall down with a chainsaw?”

“Yes” Joe responded with a glint in his eye.

During a crazy 15 years Joe Walsh lived a life totally reliant on a cocktail of cocaine and vodka.

When the Eagles split he admits he was a lost soul and his world continued to spiral out of control. Years later when the band discussed reforming he was given the ultimatum, ‘the wild man had to be tamed’ or you are not coming back. That jolted him into action and he stopped taking the cocktail and 20 years on he hasn’t touch either since. “It was the hardest thing I even had to do, (some of my friends didn’t make it) but the different now is I am having fun that I CAN remember”.

‘Nothing off limits’ provides a wonderful and honest insight into this amazing man and brilliant rock guitarist.
So who is Joe Walsh? He is the one with the bandana playing twin lead with Don Felder as they duel at the end of one of my favourite songs ‘Hotel California’:


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