Donald Trump, seriously, you need some help

I am political by nature and despair of humanity at times – no more so than when I see the news filtering from the USA about the separation of children and parents on the border of Mexico.

I’ve seen the inhuman cages, I’ve heard the children crying and been astounded that this behaviour could be tolerated when it is so resonant of the Holocaust, surely one of the most shameful periods in global history.

What worries me most though is the impact, the long term consequences on the minds and behaviour of those affected children.

Will they have flashback to cages?

Will they have continuing anxiety about separation and never recover fully?

I think so and I know this.

Donald Trump, POTUS, is behaving appallingly in every sense of the word.

And he needs help.

He needs counselling, therapy, whatever, as even his wife, along with the rest of the world, is condemning the actions on the southern US frontier.

I’m made livid at times by our government, with its slashing of public services, its drive for profit above people (think Grenfell), but this 72 year old man, born 1 year after World War 2, makes me both angry and ashamed of the human race.

Donald Trump, you are causing future psychological and mental health problems for generations of children –  and you should be utterly embarrassed by your callous actions.


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