Dyslexics are creative for a reason…KO!!

Repeat after me…I’M DYSLEXIC I’M NOT THICK!!

From the moment I first entered the educational systems as a freckled faced child I knew I had a problem. Because the system I would be spending the next 15 years of my life in was designed by academics and only worked for those with a leaning towards academia. Which I didn’t.

For those like me who struggled with ‘word blindness’ then the system, not me, was broken and it is hardly surprising,  when so little was being engrained into the old noggin,  that I soon became dispirited, disruptive and ultimately ended up struggling for the bulk of my adult life with the ridiculous notion that I was thick, stupid and somehow not as worthy as the academics.


Remember most of our beliefs and consequence behaviours are implanted into our subconscious during our formative years during a period where we are hungry for information but not mature enough to question the data that we are absorbing.

So whilst my academic class-mates were being showered with compliments for their abilities to grasp academia, I remember the total despair I felt being side-lined from any positive feedback. Every child deserves positive feedback!! But with much focus on the negative and little on the positive, I  grew up with a dyslexic chip on my shoulder, which I now realised was the catalyst for many of the emotional struggles I experienced during my adult life.

It’s not me, it’s the system that is broken…

If you look at this from nature’s perspective, to ensure the survival of our caveman ancestors; when a man child was born, it would have been swiftly taught about those creatures in the forests that could seriously damage their health…primarily one Sabre Toothed Tiger.

Through watching parents and guardians undertaking role play and then, when old enough, joining the men-folk on hunting expeditions, the man child would lean all the basic skills they required to ensure survival.


Because man’s survival is the number one principal objective of nature…so you can forget all the other shit because without being blessed with the fundamental ability to survive man was screwed.

For a tribe to survive, nature recognised that there had to be a balance of skill sets. Nature knew that if it filled a tribe with a load of academics; likewise boat-builders; the evolution of man would have been severely dented…actually, well and truly fucked!!

So, zillions of years ago, nature created a perfect blueprint for man’s survival which over the passage of time; until the academics decided to screw about with things; enabled man to not only to survive but prosper. It was a blueprint that ensured that every tribe member would have a significant purpose and be recognised and celebrated for his skills because when the floods came it was the boat-builder; when the tribe was hungry, the hunter and before the snows from the north came, the cave-builder, who would save the tribe, not the wise man.

And I wager that at no stage during this evolutionary period would any tribe member dare question the boat-builders; the hunters; or the cave builder’s inability to read or write.

And that’s the way it was always meant to be.

So what went wrong?

Read on:

Today while auditing a construction firm in London the project manager told me that he was having problems with one of his supervisors. “He’s a brilliant worker, certainly the best in the company by far but he is absolutely shit at paperwork and his computer skills are non-existent” he explained “there is nothing he doesn’t know about our sector of the industry; the other guys really like him and he is an incrediblly hard-worker, but his inability to grasp the ‘office’ side of his responsibilities is, quite frankly, doing my nut in as in this day and age ‘paperwork’ is everything!!”


For the record, yes that is exactly what I told him.

OK I know that paperwork is important but so is physical hard-grafting…AND MAN MANAGEMENT…and yet in construction, indeed any industry, they should work in harmony, but increasingly they are not because the system is so fucking hellbent on pushing square pegs into the proverbial round holes”.

“Excuse my French but it was this type of thinking that ultimately lead to my years of stressful misery”.

Interestingly the contract manager went onto tell me that he struggled with anxiety; something that ran in the family (well I’d be dammed…are you getting the picture here??) and so he understood the relationship between pressure and psychological problems (he’s read loads of books on the stuff) and yet it haven’t occurred to him that if he persisted in pushing his supervisor so hard, then there would be only 2 possible outcomes; the supervisor would either piss off somewhere else or end up having a stress related nervous breakdown…either way the company’s unrelenting philosophy for upskilled excellence would achieve nothing except destroy a wonderfully capable man abilities.

Dyslexics are creative for a reason…so leave us alone…KO!!

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