Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds

Redemption song.

A classic song by Bob Marley and one England have seen unfolding in recent weeks, when the unheralded and unsung Gareth Southgate and his 23 men surpassed all expectations to reach a World Cup semi-final.

There’s been much written about Gareth Southgate – his consoling hug for a Colombian player, his waistcoats, his grace under pressure, but, for him and England, something truly redemptive happened.

22 years ago, Southgate missed a penalty in the semi-final shoot out against Germany.

Imagine how that would weigh on your mind?

Watch it here:


Fast forward to this summer and Southgate, now manager, offers redemption:


My point is this.

We can all be mired in failure, we can allow past defeats to destroy us (I should know with the educational scab I kept picking manically) or we can use experience to improve.

Southgate was distraught after the drama of 1996:

But look at him now.

The mind can recover with time and help.


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