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Are you guilty of plane crash thinking?

Ric Elias had a front-row seat on Flight 1549, the plane that crash-landed into the Hudson River in New York in January 2009 (later made into the film Sully – starring Tom Hanks). So what went through his mind as the doomed plane went down? At Ted Talks, he tells of the 3 things he learned about himself as his plane prepared to CRASH!!!

There is a story currently going around that involves an elderly woman who was only given a few months to live.

When someone asked her whether she had made any plans, “Yes” she replied without any hesitation “after living with my violent husband for 60 years I am going to leave him immediately and enjoy myself for the remainder of my life.”

I remember a story that Richard ‘the Wiz’ Wilkins told me about his time doing voluntary work in a hospice.

“Virtually everyone I encountered had a completely different take on their own values as a consequence of their illness. They were no longer worried about those crazy everyday issues that are destroying modern man’s ability to enjoy life as nature intended and with the removal of such shackles, they seemed at peace. When compared to a line of shoppers in a supermarket, who generally look as miserable as hell, I really did enjoy the uplifting attitude of the people I met during my work in the hospice”.

So when will you say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and start to restructure your current life for the better?

Maybe like the elderly woman; a patient in a hospice or Ric Ella, you are going to wait until fate pulls the trigger or alternatively you could choose the much more progressive option that we at MANSTRESS would highly recommend which involves the declaration “fuck it I’m taking back control” and wage war of those ridiculous, thoughts, beliefs and associated behaviours that have blighted the relationship you have with yourself…and others…

And DON’T tell me you can’t change…that’s rubbish…

As these examples demonstrate, humans are perfectly capable of changing and before you hit me with that old chestnut “but circumstances prompted these individuals to change” think of this.

Yes that is correct but surely those of you who are struggling with psychological or emotional issues are in exactly the same situation as these examples.

I mean how much worse than being anxious, stressed or depressed all the time does it have to get before you call time on these potentially life destroying conditions?

For Christ’s sake don’t wait until your plane is plummeting towards planet earth before you take action….because unless fortune is shining on you as it was with the passengers of flight 1549, then any planned changes will be VERY short term…and of little value to anyone.

Now sit back and watch Ric tell his compelling story…

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