How much do you value your health?

How much do you value your health?

Toughie hey??

I would assume that most of you would place good health right up there with all the positive instances that you view to be part of a happy and contented life.

And yet I would wager, certainly for most of you visiting the MANSTRESS platform, happy and contented are two critical factors missing from your lives…and I mean REALLY HAPPY AND CONTENTED. This is not a criticism but an observation based on my own experiences, because until I hit middle age these were two of many factors missing from my portfolio…and unbeknown to me, my health was struggling…seriously struggling. 

So had you have asked me that same question a zillion years back, my answer would have been an emphatic too bloody right I value my health. To which, assuming you were aware of how I was crashing through life you would have rightly asked (like my brilliant doctor did on various occasions), so why the hell are you sabotaging it? Well um…crikey…

I had every symptom that you would attribute to STRESS and yet I knew best (I can work through this cos I’m a strong BLOKE…Bollocks!!!) and so just kept on adding toxic fuel to an already overloaded system that was seriously close to  complete shut-down.  

Luckily for me I have an inquisitive mind so rather than just accept that these were the cards that NATURE dealt…tough shit, I went in search of answers to the physical ailments that were blighting my life and preventing me from being happy, contented…and relaxed (as NATURE had intended).

Over the last 10 years while researching the human mind I have come across some amazing facts about just how amazing we all are.

Of course I understand in this crazy 24/7 world that we are trying to survive in, for most of us, who are physically and/or psychologically drained, ‘amazing’ is not a term we could possibly relate to.  But it is absolutely 100% true. Read my lips…”YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING” – PERIOD!

Oh no I’m not, Oh yes you are, Oh no etc…I have always enjoyed pantomime banter…but I digress.

Look I have asked this question before and I am sure that I will ask it again (It took me a while to understand the significant of the question so don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get it first time)…. 

Here goes. 

If I could give you the option of feeling amazing about yourself or not feeling amazing about yourself, what would you choose? This is not a trick question but one that really does show what’s going wrong here. 


Well think about it.  If given the choice of feeling amazing or not feeling amazing surely only a fool would ever want to embrace the negative option. I mean what advantages comes with feeling negative about anything??…on every level it is an extremely unattractive quality. 

I mean you are hardly likely to hear anyone enthuse “Jesus you have got to spend time with Dave cos he is soooo incredibly negative and really brings you down!!” I mean it just doesn’t happen and in reality it’s more likely to be “Christ stay well clear of Dave cos he’s soooo bloody miserable”. 

And yet Dave, like you, is bloody AMAZING. He just doesn’t know it and I suspect this fact alone could be the reason why you, Dave and millions of others and struggling with physical and psychological health issues.

Explain, I hear you say.

Well perhaps at this point I should pass you onto Lissa Rankin an American doctor who has published an absolutely fascinating book called ‘Mind over Medicine’.

In brief Lissa, the daughter of a doctor, was bought up in a medical environment and as expected followed her father into the profession. In her introduction she says “After years of conventional medical education and 8 years of clinical practise, I had been thoroughly indoctrinated into the dogmatic principles of evidence-based medicine which I worshipped like a bible. I refused to trust anything I couldn’t prove with a randomised controlled clinical trial. Plus having been raised by my father, a very conventional physician who made fun of anything ‘New Age’, I was as hard-nosed, closed-minded, and cynical as they come”.

“As technology and science continue to make remarkable advances, we have so much at our fingertips, advantages our ancestors never had. And yet, it’s common to experience heightened stress and anxiety. Many of us are totally strung out. Were worried about finances, relationships and an uncertain future. We feel separate, afraid, and alone. THESE FEELINGS and more lead to tangible physical changes in the body”.

It was when Lissa started to hear about patients recovering from life threatening illnesses without medical intervention that she started to question everything she had been taught and the more she delved the more convince she became about the body’s ability to repair itself providing the right conditions were in place. Lissa left conventional medicine to become, ironically, part of a growing number of high profile exponents of ‘New Age’ thinking that is now gathering momentum in America.

So how AMAZING are you?  Let Lissa explain “our minds can make us sick and they can make us well. Our feelings and beliefs impact on our every cell. How we speak to ourselves matter. Whether or not we feel and express love effects our well-being. With this knowledge, you can choose health. Imagine how good it would feel to truly adore and appreciate the skin you’re in. To release the blocks that hold you back. Feel your worth. Feel your strength. Feel your health potential”

Your body has the ability to repair itself. And if you still have doubts, answer this. When you break a bone the medical profession might brace the damaged area up but who mends it?? I rest my case your honour!!

But there is one very important rider HERE. Our body’s ability to repair itself can only occur when we are in a psychological state of relaxation.  When our bodies are STRESSED then the repair facility is switched off so that it can concentrate on addressing all the assorted issues that result from the STRESS toxins that are flooding our bodies 

Put simply….YOUR BODY CANNOT REPAIR ITSELF WHEN YOU ARE STRESSED. And that is why I need you to start celebrating just how AMAZING you are because this is vital if you want to enjoy the happy and contented life…free from illnesses…which nature intended for us all..

Check out Lissa Rankin below:


Take care all you AMAZING people. 

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