How this journey started

The foundation of my journey started when I realised that every negative feeling I had was being manufactured from within. I had no idea how the mind worked but knew that I had to start controlling the toxic messages that were lambasting my thoughts otherwise they would destroy me.

That was the start of my journey.

I started to read books, watch and listen to CDs and DVDs and attend lectures …and was blown away by what I began to learn…how the fuck could nature make such a massive mistake??..well it did and boy is the modern world suffering…not because we are broken…not because we need fixing…but because nature never designed an internal mechanism to cope with the 21st century…why the fuck not…well give nature a break a few zillions of years ago the main role for the human mind was to ensure survival…pretty well nothing else…and forget evolution…man’s progression is so far removed from the life of our cave dwelling ancestors that the mechanism is fucked…OK it is doing its best but the expectations we are placing on our minds is so huge that it is hardly surprising that the bulk of us are stressed to the hills….

Once I understood this, then everything started to change for me as I was able to put the brakes on my ‘out of control wagon’ and revaluate how I wanted my life to progress…my book was never about becoming a bestseller – it was about demonstrating to my toxic script that I was not stupid and able to achieve much more than ‘it’ had allowed me to believe.

Finding out I was not broken; didn’t need fixing; wasn’t who I thought I was had a massive effect on me and completely changed my life…that the gift I want to share.

The vast majority of the population don’t need fixing because they aren’t broken but the system tells them otherwise.

How significant would it be for those millions out there harbouring negative debilitating beliefs about self to learn that there is “fuck all wrong with you, you just have programmes that are not supporting who you want to be”…change the programmes will change your life…seriously…it’s that simple.

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