How this project came about

In April 2017, Stuart met Paul via social media and a nascent proposal to become a partnership as 321 Websites became reality.

Before this, Paul and Stuart ran their own separate companies and Stuart was writing for estate agencies around the UK including Pure North Norfolk in Fakenham.

Julia Gooch, the owner, is close friends with Richard and Caroline Crisp and a connection was made between all parties – Richard sent Stuart “Crap Thanks” and here’s his views about the book:

I’d never really had much time for so-called self-help books, but having been mentally unwell for 4 years, finding concentration difficult, I picked it up and started reading. The book is great. It’s thoroughly engaging and it made me think about my subconscious, it rationalised my depression, anxieties and stresses in a way that I hadn’t thought of before.

A meeting at The Forum in Norwich (kind of appropriate eh?) saw Richard, Paul and Stuart thrash out ideas and Man Stress was born.

If you Google the book, it’s not widely available but Richard still has copies of it at home which can be bought for £10.00 plus P and P.

Drop us an email at if you’d like to buy a copy.

Oh. And there is a downloadable version coming soon at £3.99.

Julia is also “musical director” of the project!

Happy reading.



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