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Humans are habitual – learn how to change thought patterns.

Humans are habitual – learn how to change thought patterns.

Repetition, repetition and more repetition.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results…Albert Einstein

Remember you have been living by a set of beliefs and behaviours that were implanted through repetition, by others (well-meaning or otherwise) during your formative years – and without an understanding of how the mind works you have been forced to embrace these destructive beliefs and behaviours as fact and thereby struggled over the years simply because your subconscious has been programmed incorrectly and doesn’t support the changes you want to make to your life – THEY ARE NOT FACT!! …but to affect change you have to keep reconfirming this, for it to become ingrained in your subconscious.

When I started to understand this stuff I set about writing down a list of actions that I would try and adopt into my normal life.

Now look writing a list is relatively easy but it’s the adoption part that is tough because to do so, you will be trying to change a whole set of  programmes that by design don’t want to be changed.

Critically to achieve the objective, you have to be incredibly focused on the end game because changes can only be made through repetition, because that is how the subconscious learns. That’s why reading books on this stuff doesn’t on its own work because the conscious and subconscious minds work completely differently.

Think about it…If you were faced, through injury, with having to learn to write with your least favoured hand, you could read every book every written on the subject and yet struggle to make your writing legible.  Why? Because to achieve your goal would require hours of conscious practical work until the subconscious adopted the flow of each written word as its new default… and this is the key to change…, repetition and more repetition.

But there are other thins you can do to help speed up the process of change and they include:

  • Start to appreciate just what an incredibly unique and amazing individual you are and start to feel really positive about the journey you are now on.
  • Dismiss any notion that you cannot affect change – this is an extremely negative thought that only adds fuel to your current beliefs. If you want to change then you will change. NB. Don’t try and change others – it is impossible. Work on yourself and be the change that others will follow.
  • Be careful with your influences – however well-meaning friends and family are, they too have their own pre-determined programmes that can and will contradict your own, and will, if you allow them to, influence your actions. Remember virtually every thought, good or bad, that has moulded your beliefs and behaviours was implanted by others…now it is time for YOU to re-programme your subconscious and set your OWN goals. WALK-AWAY from bad influences
  • Set your own realistic timescales and stay focused. DO NOT PUT YOURSELF UNDER PRESSURE BY SETTING UNREALISTIC TIMEFRAMES.
  • Seek help from other like-minded individuals who are on the same journey. And share your experiences. And if needs be, distance yourself from those who could scupper your plans.
  • Remember humans are habitual…that’s how we learn…once a habit becomes ingrained, then your beliefs and subsequence behaviours will not deviate. It is therefore essential that you keep repeating positive affirmations about your goals.
  • Believe in the process, it does and will work for you. Be mindful that your subconscious will try to derail you as you go through the process, but by understanding that the subconscious is only doing what it was designed to do; it can only trigger actions based on data that is ingrained; it has no sense of right or wrong; it does not know the difference between appropriate or inappropriate reactions; it only works in the present, then you will start to learn why you should ignore negative feelings that do not complement the person you want to be.
  • If you don’t like your job, either change it or change your attitude towards it. Likewise if you are struggling with a relationship.
  • The mind and the mechanics of our body work in tandem – every thought can and inevitably will cause a physical reaction or a change in behaviour…this is perfectly normal – if not always welcome. Changing how you think about yourself will have an amazing effect on both your emotional and physical well-being.
  • Be aware of triggers that cause your issues to manifest. Once you have set your goal, stay focused and don’t get involved in negative situations with other parties that you know will push you off track. Learn to walk away from ALL potentially negative situations…

…And finally remember – what the mind expects tends to happen – if you want the process to work then it will work…If you believe you can or can’t effect change…you are right.

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