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Hypnotherapy – a real stress buster … the truth by Jan Haley Brightwood

We’re familiar with many causes of stress ‘out there’ but sometimes the most disturbing ones are ‘in here’, where we can’t understand why we get triggered in certain types of situations, no matter how strongly or how often we resolve that we’re going to ‘be different next time’.

We get angry and blame ourselves for being out of control, but this is not very helpful and a bit unfair – it’s just a misunderstanding about what is really going on.  We think that we’re consciously in control, but the truth is that our subconscious minds run the show 90% of the time.  And mostly, it does a brilliant job for us.  It’s doing exactly what we’ve been programming it to do since birth, and thank goodness we don’t have to consciously think about every tiny detail of our existence – without so much on auto-pilot we would have no capacity to think creatively or even be half human.  So that’s great, but occasionally the programming gets a little mistake in it.  Or, more likely, what was useful and appropriate when the programme was set up (when we were tiny and everyone around was bigger, stronger, and cleverer) is no longer appropriate now that we’re adults and fending for ourselves.  The subconscious programme doesn’t know that, it just runs.  A button is pressed, and there it goes again.  Knowing about the programme doesn’t fix it, because the cause is not logical, it’s emotional, and it’s buried.

It’s like driving with your brakes on.

Hypnosis relaxes us out of the stressy, ‘fight-or-flight’ mode that so many of us are stuck in these days.  Consciously relaxing in this way sends a message to the primitive brain that it is ‘safe’.  This creates an alignment ~ an opening for communication ~ between the conscious and subconscious parts of the brain.  The person in hypnosis is consciously aware and in control, while the subconscious mind is also alert and awaiting instruction.  That’s where the guidance of an advanced hypnotherapist works its magic.  He or she will be leading you through specific steps to pinpoint the programme that was ‘keeping the brakes on’, and then show you how to unhook it – gently and without drama or upset – once and for all.  That’s why this kind of dynamic hypnotherapy is so effective with anxiety, depression, PTSD, phobias, compulsions and emotional traumas.

Or, if you’re just running a high octane engine, but feel like you’re driving with your brakes on, it will show you how to get free, lower your general stress level and get the thrill of driving full throttle for a change.

Greg Forde has 30 years’ experience with thousands of clients as well as teaching hundreds of therapists how to be effective with these advanced techniques.  Greg’s practice is still thriving through referrals from satisfied former clients and he works online via video link if his Norfolk therapy centre is too far for you to travel to.

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Jan Haley Brightwood completed her training with Greg in 2013 and has since begun to specialise in empowering women to step free from their blocks.  If part of your issue is in how you’re relating with women ~ or how women seem to be relating to you 😉 ~ then Jan could be just the person to guide you to a beneficial change.  Jan works online via video link.

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