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I’m 60 and stressed but simply continue

I really don’t think I have enjoyed the job I do (completely as a result of the rank oil and gas industry I work in) for the last 2.5 years.
Pressure is all around and I put undue stress on everything I do.
My age tells me I have to keep going and with not millions behind me, I know I will struggle if the worst happens.
I don’t tell anyone and grit my teeth and get on with it. I am 60 in January so may have an old fashioned view on it.

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  1. Richard Crisp 29th March 2018 at 8:09 pm - Reply

    Hiya…as you will see from some of our recent posts, we do focus a lot of workplace stress…as it can be a real killer.

    I was 56 years old when I started to struggle big time with stress and at the time felt like throwing in the towel and walking away from a bloody well paid job. But like yourself I was trapped by my family and financial commitments. I suppose I could have tried simply gritting my teeth and carrying on but I somehow knew that to do nothing was no longer a solution so I set out to becoming more aware of what my body was telling me and how the mind worked…and this was the turning point.

    I kept working but started to attend lectures, listen to CD’s and read anything I could find about STRESS and its relationship to the subconscious mind. And what I discovered just blew my mind away (figuratively speaking) and set me on a new course. Importantly I knew that I wasn’t broken,I didn’t need fixing I just had to do some serious spring cleaning and neutralise those toxic files in my sub-conscious which no longer supported the person I wanted to be. Believe it or not we all carry a lot of baggage when we get to our age and it is this crap that is instrumental in adding fuel to the pressure of your current work that are making the symptoms much tougher.

    In my book CRAP THANKS how’s your life been? I have tried to explain the whole process through the experiences of 7 individuals. Whilst I continue to learn more about my mind, much of what I wrote 3 years ago is still extremely relevant and simple to follow…I like simple things.

    There is a guy called Bruce Lipton who I listen to all of the time on you-tube. It was Bruce who gave me the final piece for my puzzle when I was researching for my book. I would urge you to check him out and also if you ever get the chance sit in on one of Richard Wilkins’ recharge days held in Northampton (Link http://www.ministryofinspiration.co.uk). The reason. If you can’t leave your job then you have to learn how to relax more and be kinder to yourself…these two individuals will certainly give you the tools you need to start that process…I would also suggest that you seriously start working on a non-pressurised escape plan…and place your health in front of wealth…I actually see myself driving a Tesco van in the future and you know what I find the thought very appealing.

    I wish you well and thank you for your contribution

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