I’m out, over and out, better and well, so goodbye …

Mental illness is not a sticky plaster job. It’s not an overnight recovery. Depression and anxiety last months and years, but I feel that I’m now out of the woods, the tunnel, the mental illness that plagued me from 2013 to 2016, with alcohol dependency, irrational behaviour, fight and flight, suicidal ideation, the whole shebang. It’s hopefully over for good, because I made new choices.

I left shitty education. 

Not through choice.

But those bastards who colluded did me a massive favour.


I left, many of those did, when challenged for their lies.

Better now. 

I don’t have anxiety about the impending end of summer holidays. I’ve made a successful business from web design and copywriting with Get Pro Copy Ltd and that, along with other positive steps, have helped me become well again.

There’s scars from how I was treated, but they’re fading.

I now look forward not backwards.

I look forward to working for myself, without bosses who are bell ends.

Anxiety never rears its head.

Depression, like Elvis, has left the building.

The only black dog I have now is Cassie, a rescue border collie. She’s been a big part of my recovery, along with stopping drinking in December 2016, for good, not just Christmas.

I’ve enjoyed editing and contributing to Man Stress, and felt ever so humbled by the guest blogs and comments we’ve received from stressed men, who may not have had a platform to vent on before, knowing that anonymity was guaranteed.

Man Stress will live on. It’s got a big role to play. Just because my mental health is now good, I’m not selfishly saying society is fixed.

Workplace bullying, I know, is endemic in education and I hear similar about the NHS and other public and private institutions.

We all get one life. I’ve had a rollercoaster one, with many downs in the past 5 years, but I’m better.

So I bid farewell to Man Stress and pass the baton to others to continue the sterling work begun by Richard Crisp.

I’ll watch from the sidelines with interest.

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