Is our overloaded subconscious responsible for the growing number of suicides?

In 2015, 134 of our amazing young children at university committed suicide…that folks is 134 too many…and this is an upward trend.

So what the hell is going wrong here? 

Well to start with we have got to encourage everyone to be more open especially those who are struggling, because to hold toxic feelings in will seriously damage our health or, as the recent tragic story of 19 year old Bristol University student and sports fanatic Ben Murray demonstrates, kill us…Jesus folks surely enough is enough…

But what can we do?

Well I was pleased to see that the government has allocated a sizeable sum towards taking mental health into schools although, I was disappointed to read in their green paper that there are no plans for it to be mandatory…and I think this is scandalous.

Look at the evidence.

134 ‘highly’ educated youngsters decided to end their lives, not because they haven’t been able to reach high levels of academic achievement…the reason why these amazing young people decided to call it a day was because of the stresses and pressures that the modern world, including the educational system, had placed on them.

I wager that very few of them had the slightest clue, as they journeyed through adolescence into the teenage world, why their bodies and minds started to react so aggressively as their young minds became increasingly overloaded with data…both positive and NEGATIVE (mainly negative). But with no natural filter, regardless of how they might try to deal with the symptoms that ensure (drugs and alcohol), the data just keeps overloading their minds, until the inevitable happens…they either suffer a major breakdown (check out the staggering number people in the UK currently being treated for depression) or decide enough is enough…as Ben did. 

So what is the solution?

Education, education, education – the human brain was NEVER designed to deal with the pressures of the modern world. is literally maxed out!! And seriously struggling as the facts show. 

From the moment our children start to learn they need to be taught about how to deal with the issues that will affect their emotional well-being as they journey through life. They need to become more conscious.

As part of their learning process they will be subjected to many issues to which their subconscious will attach responses and reactions to (that is what it is designed to do). When happy, positive hormones will elate them. Likewise when unhappy, negative hormones will cause them to feel stressed. This is all by design.

A few zillion years ago when Eamon (My central character in CRAP THANKS how’s your life been?) first set foot on planet earth besides the occasional marauding tiger, his life was blissful…and RELAXED.

Fast forward to the 21st century and Eamon’s life was infinitely different, and certainly not blissful…or relaxed. And this is the KEY. Modern man is having to survive in this crazy world with an internal computer that is not fit for purpose. Nature never anticipated that Eamon would be anything other than a cave dwelling hunter gatherer and that is a lifestyle that our subconscious was designed to protect…hence the demands of the modern world are over-loading our subconscious…and it is near to imploding. 

But without understanding this through education, we and the next generations will be seriously screwed. 

So why the hell don’t the ‘powers that be’ start doing some joined up thinking here, or is it because they too are so caught up in academia that they fail to see that their educational policies are screwing up the minds of the next generations…and without giving children access to a safety net the spiral will continue.

On every level this is wrong.

Look, every belief, thought, feeling, reaction or emotion experienced…good or BAD…is triggered by the subconscious. “I feel: anxiety, sad, lonely, unwanted, ugly, stressed, depressed, worried, SUICIDAL” are all being fostered from programmes within our subconscious…and most of these programmes guess what?…were implanted when we were very young and not equipped to question the validity of that programme…and who implanted these programmes? Well guess …our parents, siblings, friends and you bet TEACHERS!!

Oh yes, for the record 85% of teachers recently interviewed said that they had struggled with STRESS at some stage during their career…so those responsible for educating the minds of our children are equally struggling!!..Boy can it get any worse?? Wake up world!!

If you doubt the wisdom of my views check out my next article “So you think you know your own mind?” and see how many of the questions you can answer without asking google.

Take care.

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