Richard ‘The Wiz’ Wilkins – The Script Master, The man who changed my life

The day after my chance meeting with ‘The Wiz’…My affirmation – aged 56 – I’ve had enough! I’ve listened to you for all of my life and where has it got me? Exactly! From today onwards we’re doing things MY way. No more playing small; no more hiding behind ridiculous fascias; no more excuses, that’s it! Goodbye!

A few years back I attended a lecture given by ‘The Script-master’ a guy called Richard Wilkins and self–proclaimed minister of inspiration…an amazing…no brilliant human being.

I was already researching the complexities of the human mind for my book, that is why I was at that event, so after he had finished I managed to collar him for a couple of minutes, and what he told me in those few seconds, changed everything.

The Script…

RW. “Richard if given the choice between FEELING successful or unsuccessful in any situation which option would you choose?” RC. “Well of course successful – it’s a positive up-lifting FEELING” I reasoned “…and one that would make me feel good!” RW. “Correct. So where did you go to find the answer?” RC. Nowhere had I instinctively known that to be the case.” RW. “Correct. In this situation you were under no pressure and had time to consider your answer and I would wager that I could throw a thousand different positive/negative options at you and you would always chose the positive answer. Indeed can you think of any rational reason why you would want to hold onto any negative beliefs especially as inevitably that belief would come with a shit-load of emotional and physical carnage?”  RC. “No that would be MADNESS!”  RW. “Correct!” “Richard which one of the following do you hold onto, a compliment or a criticism?” RC……….”OH MY GOD!!…a criticism…a bastard CRITICISM every bloody time!!” R.W. “Exactly!” R.C. “But that is NOT the choice I would make!” R.W. “Exactly!” “So who is making that choice for me?” R.W. “We call it your ‘script’, I’m sure neuroscientists will have given it a more exotic name but either way it’s a file in your subconscious containing, to be graphic, a cesspit of toxic data.” RC. “So how does the data get in there?” RW “Inadvertently you or well-meaning others planted it there?” RC “Why would I or they do that?” RW “You nor they had no choice, it’s all part of your survival-at-all-cost ‘kit’ storing any piece of information that could pose a threat to you – when your brain senses a threat, in a micro-second your subconscious will select what it believes is the most appropriate reaction, without considering the consequences, and BINGO another bad day at the office!!…so if you have a negative belief about yourself that belief will be consistently triggered with the resulting painful – and in some cases devastating fall-outs!!” RC. “So what’s the solution?” RW.  “I will tell you but then you will have to tell others, maybe you could even write a book about it!…” R.C. “Bollocks I’ couldn’t write a book I’m dyslexic and thereby thick and stu….hang on a god dam minute”…at that point we were interrupted and as Richard turned away he smiled and said “would that be your choice?”

Wow what a day that was; it was the day I started to clear my head of the shedload of crazy notions that had influenced my thoughts and moulded my identity, it was the day I chose to end the civil war in my head which had caused me so much consternation throughout my adult life, it was the day that I started to neutralise all the toxicity that had influenced my ridiculous behaviours and beliefs; it was the day that I chose to starve a genetic ‘monster’ that lives deep in our consciousness (and yes we all have one) of the energy it needed to pull my emotional strings with devastating consequences to self – and others.

And why did I do all this?  Because I wanted to ‘feel good’ not CRAP! It’s that’s simple!

For 56 years my ‘script’ chastised me unmercifully, never allowing me to celebrate or fully appreciate my amazing achievements and yet crucified me on those rare occasions when I would get things wrong. And that cycle would have continued for the rest of my life had I not have had that chance meeting with Richard Wilkins’…who with his amazing partner Liz Ivory are helping thousands of individuals re-programme their lives…their processes by design require a minimum of input and can be easily adopted into your everyday live.

Check them out by visiting their website here.

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