Maurice Gibb and his battle with alcohol

“The only person I wanted to run from was me”…Maurice Gibb talks about his battle with alcohol ‘ADDICTION’.

I cannot watch programmes like X-factor anymore because it scares me just how desperate some of the contestants are to gain their slice of fame. “It means everything to me” a young hopeful will tell Simon Cowell, who, let’s be honest here, is only interested in the personal gains that HE will receive should this naïve, desperate youngster make it.

Showbusiness is a bloody tough, ruthless industry which has caused serious life threatening psychological damage to many of the most successful performers of modern times. Bruce Springsteen (The boss) has struggled with depression for 30 years, like-wise the amazing song-writer, John Denver was a manic depressive, Justin Bieber has been in and out of rehab so has Britney Spears; Elvis, George Michael, Michael Jackson and Witney Houston’s lives were cut short by either a cocktail of prescribed pills or alcohol; the great Joe Walsh (Eagles fame) talks openly about his 23 year struggle with alcoholism; and of course where do you start with Keith Richards…and the list goes on …

This is the industry that many of our children aspire to be part of…scary eh?

Whilst going through Youtube I came across an interview with Maurice Gibb, who had battle back from alcoholism.  It is a truly remarkable insight into his world and that of his brothers and family as collectively they tried to deal with his demons. As a band, and songwriters, the Gibb brothers created some of the most significant music of the 70s, 80s and 90s…they had it all and yet as Maurice’s story demonstrates the effects of fame ultimately killed him …

Be very careful what you wish for …


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