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Live for the present and not the past

Mindfulness…this ACTUAL moment is all you can control…so stop dwelling in the past or worrying about your future…it’s futile and extremely STRESSFUL.

Men think “I can work through this” and the term going in their cave is very true. Men generally keep problems to themselves and see it as a weakness to admit they need help.

A businessman I know has struggled to maintain control of events in his business, stress and anxiety had overwhelmed him. He would speculate on what might happen or dwell on the past without being in the moment, thus the day would pass with his mind elsewhere…and little was achieved.

The practice of mindfulness is to be in the moment.

“I’m going to be ill for that meeting” he told me.

“Well how are you today?” I asked.

“I feel good” he replied.

“Then enjoy today,” was my response, “next week will arrive and you can see how you are then. In between be in the moment, look at what is around you.  On a bad day, accept that it is what it is, nothing in life is permanent”.

With mindfulness you can live in the moment and reduce your stress and anxiety.

Come out of your cave and see the day, live in the moment and with practice you will think clearer, feel healthier and become more productive.

For the businessman he has regained control of his thoughts and does not speculate on failure, his stress has reduced and he is far more effective and productive.

Do the best each minute, each hour, focus on the moment.

Don’t worry about what might or might not happen, your energy is better employed living in the moment.

Ian Wells

Mindfulness Coach


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