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When we set up Man Stress collectively, we knew there was a need for a platform where people, particularly men, could talk openly about depression, anxiety, stress and suicide.
As a tribe of three, we’ve all suffered ourselves and generally in silence.
Whether that’s the “Man Up” or “Boys Don’t Cry” mentality that is reinforced by media, society and from growing up, we know men don’t speak up and speak out generally.
Man Stress is a small part of a movement to change those attitudes – so that ITV don’t have to symbolise the 84 men who commit suicide weekly with 84 male statues on their building or that popular media like “Coronation Street” don’t have to show the absolute turmoil male rape has had on one of its characters.
When someone submits an article, or writes an email, or letter, we are always happy to share these openly, with your permission, or anonymously, with confidentiality guaranteed, because we know that primitive attitudes to men’s mental health are still common – particularly amongst bosses.
But we were cockahoop (odd expression I know) to receive this missive from Dave Thomas.
Man Stress welcomes articles from you – we  don’t judge, we don’t disclose, we share and show that as it says in our logo: “You are not alone.”
Complete our contact form or drop us a line at and myself. Richard and Paul will respond.
Over to Dave and his letter:
Good morning tribe!
I saw your post on the EDP page today and I wanted to get in touch.
I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression on the 11th January 2018 after almost of a decade of denial, on Boxing Day last year I came very close to ending my life – a long story that i would love to share.
The reason for my email is that ever since being diagnosed I have shared the story with family and close friends and this is benefiting me greatly and is therapeutic.  I have other avenues which I use (counseling and medication) but talking to others about it is a huge buzz, especially when you hear that someone felt the same and you have indirectly helped.
I was looking into setting up something of my own, I do a lot of running, and I am very passionate about Mens Mental health (for the very reasons you mention on your page) I’d like to offer to help rather than set something up from scratch.
I am Norwich-based and can speak publicly or privately or just listen.  Would be great to speak with you or meet you.
Very best wishes for the future and thank you for setting up Manstress!
Kind Regards
Dave Thomas
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