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How I ended up in The Priory and found hope.

There was a man called Mr B, who  came from a big family of 12; a hard working strict family where both parents were very hard working and tough people.

Mr B was second but youngest in the family and was a boy who wanted to succeed in life and grow up quickly.

With his father’s job he moved a lot and to different schools – he hated it, school that is.

He wanted to work with his dad as he had tremendous drive and never slept a lot and was always on the go.

Eventually he left school at about 12 years oldish and started work.

School was not fast enough or interesting so he carried on working 7 days a week.

By the time he reached 17 he was very experienced in civil engineering.

His dad owned the company and Mr B was flying. This was  his really first addiction.  By the time he  was 20 he was a millionaire and he did not stop there he started drinking about 21 just socially as his work was doing well and he was a partner by 24 he carried on this work party life until he reached 3.

Then his life turned into hard work,  managing his work and his family and life.

The alcohol consumption got heavier until he got to 35 when he was a broken man inside and  suicidal.

He had a friend called Mr D. He came round to see him one night and Mr B told Mr D his problem.

Mr D said “if you got toothache where do you go and if you got back pain where?”

He said to Mr B “You got a head problem. So go see a head doctor.”

Well this was the point when Mr B started to think suicide was hard because of his children. He carried on for about 6 months,  split from his family, got in trouble with the law and his life was unmanageable so he went to see his doctor and told him he wanted to end his life.

Mr B said he wanted to be taken away from the whole world; his doctor and himself came up with a plan to go to the Priory rehab centre.

The very next day he was in London at the Priory and admitted as an in patient and that my good people was the start of his life as I am writing this I have goose bumps and great feelings to know there is an answer.

And that’s where Mr B s journey started he went through a 6 week in patient programme that changed his life. It gave his life back to him he was free of alcohol and he could think straight. The Priory taught him how to live again with people, how to understand his feelings and deal with family life and his work addiction.

He was a seriously messed up young man who found a way to free himself.

There is help out there if you want it – Mr B wanted it but he did not know what was wrong until he found out the programme is about people working with each other and gaining experience and hope and joy to live life.

It’s a beautiful thing to be free and live.

Just think how messed up he was and now he his full of life again.

He did not know what was wrong or where to go but he found it.

The biggest word I would use is hope there is always a way out from everything.

People just need to find their path in life. If one way fails look to another like Mr B did.

He found a way to live again.

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