Reprogram your subconscious mind and eliminate stress

If you were to discover that, because of a quirk of nature, the toxic files planted in your sub-conscious mind by others were 100% responsible for all of your crazy thoughts, reactions and ridiculous behaviours (I am STRESS, I am a worrier, I am useless, I am no good, no one will ever love me etc.) then wouldn’t you want to change those files?

Too right you would want to change them!

Well the bad news is this is exactly what has happened but the good news is you can affect change if you really want to. 

But to do so you will have to reprogram the world’s most powerful computer? Sounds interesting but how the hell do you go about it?

Read on…and listen…because this could do for you what it did for me. 

Bruce Lipton changed my life.

During the research for my book I came across “7 ways to reprogram your subconscious mind” in which Bruce explains everything you need to know about the sub-conscious mind and why we find it so difficult to change the crazy behaviours that were having such a negative effect on my life.

Lipton explains “The subconscious mind is a data base of stored programs, primarily derived from the programming a child receives from the last trimester of pregnancy through the first six years of life. These are stimulus response programs…that is habits. There is no thinking in these subconscious behaviours, it’s more like push the button, play the program. Unfortunately, the downloaded programs comprising the subconscious database are derived from recordings the behaviours of others (parents, siblings and community)…good or bad…AND…psychology reveals…WORRYINGLY… that up to 70% of these “learned” behaviours are disempowering, self-sabotaging and limiting”. 

“The evolution of higher mammals, including chimps and humans brought forth a new level of awareness call “self-conscious”, or, simply the conscious mind. The newer conscious mind is an important evolutionary advance. The earlier, subconscious mind is our “autopilot; the conscious mind is our manual control. For example, if a ball comes near your eye, the slower conscious mind would not have time to be aware of the threatening projectile. Yet the subconscious mind, which processes 20,000,000 *environmental stimuli per second vs. 40 by the conscious mind over the same period, will cause the eye to blink. The subconscious mind which is probably the most powerful information processor known, specifically observes both the surrounding world and body’s awareness, reads the environmental cues and immediately engages previously acquired (learned) behaviours – automatically”.

*Environmental stimuli refers to the amount of environmental information being processed every second by the sub-conscious and conscious minds  

“The two minds make a dynamic duo. Operating together the conscious mind can use its resources to focus on some specific point, such as the party you are going to tomorrow night. Simultaneously while focusing on the party, your sub-conscious mind guides your lawn mower successful without causing damage to the flower beds, self…or neighbours’ cat!!”

To change behaviours you have to change the programs. 

Sounds great.


Well here’s the deal, pour yourself a drink and sit back and listen to Lipton explain the power of the sub-conscious mind and how to reprogram it because THIS IS THE KEY TO ELIMINATING YOUR STRESS. 

It was this interview that changed everything for me and explained why having read books, listened to tapes and undertook all kinds of exercises in a desperate attempt to reduce my STRESS levels…the exercise worked a little but all the others things I tried, at best provided short term relief and at worse left me frustrated…AND EVEN MORE STRESSED!! 

Over to you Bruce:


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