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Resolution for 2018 – I’ve had enough…the change starts from now!!

I was thinking of something profound to share with YOU for New Year’s Eve…but I simply can’t beat the short ‘FUCK IT’ video that my mentor Richard ‘The Wiz’ Wilkin made a few months back…IT SUMS THINGS UP PERFECTLY…please watch  and share it…

For 2018  the team at MANSTRESS is 100% committed to providing YOU and many others with a safe environment to tell your deep rooted stories whilst with the help of others offering plenty of easy to follow, workable solutions along the way.

And yes there will be times during the next year that any one of us  at MANSTRESS will find ourselves struggling as our own internal demons play silly fuckers with our minds…THAT’S NORMAL…THAT’S LIFE. The difference for us is that now we understand what the main issues are that trigger our internal demons so we will continue to work on neutralising them and thereby reduce their toxic powers…and we pledge that we will share our good, our bad and downright fucking ugly days with YOU…because none of us are immured to this stuff.

The key to change is working solely on yourself and be prepared for it to take some time. The programmes (scripts) that trigger your most ridiculous reactions are ingrained into the most powerful computer ever created years ago, and by design your subconscious will not give up these scripts easily. But if you persist, then very gradually you will start to notice subtle changes in your beliefs and behaviours and that is all the encouragement YOU will need to persist along the track.

Remember all the shitty things that happened last year, the year before and the years before that were part of a tough…bloody tough learning curve but you mustn’t allow them to continue to shape your future life… because they will try and wreck it!!

Your sub-conscious will take every shitty, negative past experience that you’re had into 2018 and the subsequent years and will continue to trigger the same crazy beliefs, self-doubts and reactions that is associated with every shitty negative event until the day you emigrate…if you allow it to. Alternatively you could adopt Richard ‘the Wiz’ Wilkins philosophy and say “FUCK IT I’ve had enough, the change starts from now!!” The choice is yours!!

Stuart, Paul and myself at MANSTRESS wish YOU a very happy and healthy 2018.

Please continue to share your stories and spread the MANSTRESS word.


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