Richard ‘The Wiz’ Wilkins – live, raw and unscripted 

Recharge Day Saturday 27th October 2018 Hilton Hotel Northampton

A few years back when I was looking for answers to my own emotional struggles a friend took me to a Richard Wilkins recharge day, held at the Hilton Hotel Northampton. To say I was sceptical would be an under-statement but within 5 minutes of listening to this amazing man I was hooked…”whatever he was on or selling” I wanted it. Richard Wilkins changed my life.

Over the subsequent years I have kept in touch with Richard and without doubt the work he and his partner, Liz, are doing to change people’s lives is in my opinion, unparalleled. His formula is so simple and as he says requires minimal effort.

During the Recharge Day Richard gives it all; he simply doesn’t hold back. He will tell you that he fears public speaking and before hitting the stage had spent the previous 30 minutes on the loo, such is his fear. He explains that he has to force himself to overcome his fears become the story he needs to share is so powerful he cannot allow his own weaknesses from preventing him from sharing his compelling ‘rag to riches, back to rags’ story.

Having lost millions and his family, Richard found himself penniless, alone and very frightened contemplating suicide…when he was invited by the women’s institute to tell his story. Little did he know at the time this was to over 1200 individuals, which when he found out, just prior to entering the theatre, caused his anus to explode!!! A common reoccurrence!!!

For the next 20 years Richard became one of the UK’s most highly regarded motivational speakers working with many top brand organisations, but it is his work with ‘Broadband Consciousness’ that will be his legacy.

During the Recharge day Richard will introduce you to your script; he will tell you why you are not broken and why you don’t need fixing and I promise you, as he did with me, he will change the whole way you think about yourself…and others. He will change your life.

Richard is extremely honest, funny, he works without a script, and will use the occasion expletive…so be warned!! 

There are a minimal number of seats available and they go very quickly. This is a unique opportunity for you to spend a day with this amazing man and some of his team. Tickets cost £39+VAT and include teas/coffee and a light lunch – the morning session starts at 10.30 and afternoon session finishes at 16.30.

Tickets can be purchased online by visiting

The Hilton Hotel (NN4 OXW) is just off the M1 at junction 15.

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