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I had to smile… “there’s a shell on the beach!”

Yesterday afternoon Mrs C and myself took Ralph (Cockapoo) to his and our favourite beach, Thornham, on the North Norfolk coast.

After the terrible weather last week I was aware that the North Sea beaches had taken a terrible hammering, but I was still really surprised to see just how much of Thornham beach had disappeared.

Thousands of tons of sand had literally vanished leaving the man-made timber sea defences standing above the beach at least a metre higher than before the storm. It was a really eerie site.

One of the reasons that we love Thornham during the winter is the lack of people. In fact had a policeman not appeared through the dunes, we would have been completely on our own for the entire walk.

Slightly concerned that we might be doing something wrong, Mrs C approached the PC asking if it was OK to walk on the beach today.

“Yes” he replied, adding “but don’t go near that stick over there”.

“No Problem. What’s over there?” my wife continued.

“A shell; been unearthed by the storm”.

Now before I had chance to explain that there were thousands of shells on the  beach, he went onto explain that THIS shell was a big nasty bastard and he was guarding it waiting for the BOMB disposal squad to arrive.

IT’S A BOMB!!  “Don’t panic Mr Manwairing”….”

Shit I’m out of here follow that dog!!!

Needless to say we departed swiftly.

Once we were out of the blast zone, I asked Caroline if she had ever heard the Bob Newhart sketch about bomb disposal. She hasn’t so when we got home I played it to her…it’s great fun and very relevant and so I thought why not put a smile on the faces of our growing tribe.

If you have never heard Newhart and enjoy this story, his ‘driving instructor’ sketch is also well worth listening to.


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