So you think you know your own mind?

In recent times we at MANSTRESS have called for the government to make MIND studies mandatory in schools. If you check out my last post “is our over-loaded subconscious responsible for the growing number of suicides” you will gain some insight into our thinking.

Every thought, belief, behaviour or emotion starts from the subconscious mind and as reactions to these feelings are, by design, automatically triggered, it is not difficult to understand how we can find themselves dealing with some really unpleasant, and in some cases, life threatening physical or psychological issues, for which, besides taking a shed load of pills, drinking copious amounts of alcohol or swallowing ‘recreational’ drugs there appears to be little else we can do to numb the ensuing pains.

But the truth is there are things we can and should be doing to address what has become a life threatening epidemic in the modern world…and one of the principle things is to understand how our MINDS actually work, because once you have grasped this the reason why we are struggling physically or psychologically or both, falls into place…and you might start to understand that you are not broken and do not need fixing, but simply have a set of programmes that are sabotaging your health.  Furthermore you will understand why you should start working at the level of consciousness to help your subconscious filter out all the toxic programmes that are causing such violent reactions to occur.

And this is why we believe the government and schools have an obligation to make  MIND studies mandatory and why every person on this planet should know the answers to the following questions (without referring to Google).

See how you get on (and please share) 

  • Do you know what the difference is between the conscious and subconscious mind? 
  • Do you know what the primary role of the subconscious mind is?
  • Do you know how much of your life is being controlled by your subconscious mind? Do you understand why this is relevant?
  • Do you know what percentage of the information being processed by your subconscious mind is negative?
  • Do you know how much information your subconscious mind is processing every second of your life?
  • Do you know what fight or flee is?
  • Do you know what happens to your body when your fight and flee receptor is triggered?
  • Do you know why you can’t reason with someone when their fight and flee receptors have been triggered? 
  • Do you know what being hyper-vigilant means? 
  • Do you know what happens to the stress hormones released by you fight and flee receptor if they are not burnt up?
  • Do you know how often ‘mother-nature’ planned for your fight and flee receptors to be triggered? And why this is important? 
  • Do you understand why a loved one, can turn into an absolute and total monster when they are stressed? And why it’s best to give them space?
  • Do you know what a stressed mind does to your vital body organs? 
  • Do you know how stress affects the body’s ability to repair itself?
  • Did you know that by design a child’s brain is like a sponge, absorbing everything…good or bad…until around the age of 7? And why this is important?
  • Did you know that the subconscious is habitual? It learns good and bad beliefs and associated behaviours through repetition.
  • Did you know that by the age of 7 the foundation of your beliefs and behaviours were set in stone and moulded the person you have become? Do you see why this is significant?
  • Did you know that once the subconscious has locked onto a belief and behaviour pattern it will never automatically change that pattern regardless of how damaging it may be?
  • Did you know that we all have voices in our heads? It is perfectly normal.
  • Do you understand why negative and unkind remarks from someone can make you feel dreadful? And why that feeling can stay with you forever?
  • Do you know that irrational fears and phobias normally result from events which occurred when you were young for which you have little or no memory of?
  • Did you know that the subconscious works 24/7 and is controlling everything during your sleeping hours?
  • Did you know that the subconscious forgets nothing? Every experience good or bad is stored away?
  • Did you know that the subconscious works in the moment and does not have the ability to think rationally when addressing a perceived threat? 
  • Did you know that the subconscious has no sense of proportionality when addressing a perceived threat? As far as the subconscious is concerned, every threat is a TIGER!!
  • Did you know that the subconscious reacts infinitely faster than the conscious mind? Do you understand why this is significant?
  • Do you know that the subconscious mind treats every perceived threat in exactly the same way regardless of whether it is life threatening or not? Do you understand why this is significant?

How did you get on? Don’t worry this was all new to me until I hit middle age.

Ten years ago I started to work on my own issues because I got fed up with feeling crap…and it was through Google, reading books and attending lectures I started to see that understanding the above was the most essential tool to aiding my recovery. And yet it took me 56 years to call time, so this lack of knowledge of the KEY workings of the human MIND completely screwed my thinking throughout most of my adult life…and eventually blew up my thyroid!

None of this is rocket science and therefore it would be easy to build a very simple syllabus which young children could follow and relate to.

Being kind to others would be a good starting point.

I personally believe it is criminal that the minds of our impressionable young boys and girls are being saturated with ‘mountains’ of education and consumer driven data without them being aware that whenever they feel uncomfortable/threatened their subconscious will automatically fire protective hormones which could make them feel poorly…and when this happens they should tell adults, in the same way they would if they fell and hurt themselves. 

At the moment our precious children are telling no one about their feelings and, without such an outlet, the consequences, which are well documented, can be devastating. 

Surely we owe our children more?

Please voice your opinion on our forum.

Take care.

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