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Solutions to mental health problems – care to share?

The Man Stress trio met last night for food and drink at Turtle Bay, Norwich, and a thoroughly pleasant evening was had by all.

Alongside the general talk of parenting, anxiety, depression and golf, we ruminated on solutions.

What are the solutions for depression, anxiety, stress?

We all have different coping mechanisms to neutralise toxic scrips – I’ve gone teetotal; Paul loves golf and dog walking; Richard immerses himself in helping others and being a thinker and listener.

But how do professionals help people with their subconscious?

What do psychologists, counsellors, hypnotherapists do to neutralise those files in the mind that plague many men daily?

We’ve got some ideas but the next stage of Man Stress is for mental health professionals to connect with us and their patients make recommendations.

Mental health treatment has moved on from the stern precepts of Nurse Ratchett in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and talking, with hypnotherapy, seems to be yielding remarkable results.

So we are looking for people who’ve had mental health problems eased to explain who helped them and for those mental health professionals to come forward – then we can form a Man Stress Directory.

Email us at info@manstress.com or, if you’d like to talk, ring me Stuart on 07462923476.


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