Stress Busting Kings Lynn FC style

Shout like there is no one listening, question the referee’s parenthood when appropriate and go absolutely ballistic (like a lunatic) when your home town team score in the 93mins to win a top of the league clash, having been 2 nil down at half time….YEEESSSSS!!

On Tuesday night, I was one of nearly 1200 football fans…and you have to be a real fan to watch some of the dross that the ‘Linnets’ have produced in the name of entertainment, over the 20 years I have been following them. But Tuesday was not a normal night of dross, Oh no it was…now what’s that expression…um…Oh yes…FUCKING AMAZING!!…yep that the term, and certainly not one you would normally associated with our, not always so amazing, team from the famous Walks stadiums.

Now I have to say something here about semi-professional football which is very much part of the football foundation and yet seems to be totally overlooked by those at the higher end of the pyramid who are raking it in.

At this level the only way a club can survive is by relying on a or a number of individuals putting their hands into some really deep pockets…because without their cash, there is no club.

So to the management of Kings Lynn and Hereford United and all their regular followers I do take my hat off to them.

For the record there were well over 100 away fans at this game who would have travelled nearly 400 miles, on a Tuesday night to support their team, which suggests Hereford (home of the SAS) so be careful here Richard…Oh bollocks…it’s a shit place to be on a Tuesday night!!!

Anyway back to us footie fans.

One of the reasons that I stopped attending games regularly is because of the bad language that some of the fans would spew out for the entire 90 mins. Even though (you might have notice) I am not adverse to using ‘colourful’ terms, it did worry me that my grandsons were being exposed to words I didn’t really want them to hear. So when my mate sent me a text asking if I was going, my first reaction was no, but then I thought about it and bingo…what a great night.

For the last couple of days I have given footie fans a lot of thought and the more I think about it the more I am coming to the conclusion that sports does provide many of us with an essential outlet to vent the frustrations of the modern world.

Indeed in my book I do say how liberating it would be if commuters were allowed to sing and laugh out loud, during their arduous grey and colourless morning trips to work. I wager that if Howard Keel’s rendition of ‘Oh what a beautiful morning’ together with other movie greats, was played every morning on the 6.48 feel good express out of Cricklewood, then for those travellers the day would be lot more enlightening, then for those millions who at best are served with little more than draughty, smelling and over-crowded carriages.

I often wonder what a battery hen would think about ITS lot if it was to watch the over-crowded tubes leaving Kings Cross during rush hour every working day…interesting thought.

So what is my conclusion about footie fans?

Well of course the trip home for the Hereford fans would have been tough but during the period that their team were on top and scored 2 goals, I would ask them to remember that feeling…remember how they shouted, sung and enjoyed the moment…during which time all the trials and tribulations of their lives would have evaporated as their bodies filled with feel good hormones. O.K. it’s a downer when you eventually lose but by then the benefits of the evening will have saturated their bodies and therefore disappointment will be temporary….it’s all about fight and flight.

For my part I continue to enjoy the moment even as I write.

As my good friend says in his piece about mindfulness, if you can keep your thought in the moment, then life is a lot easier, then if you allow your mind to wonder. Hereford fans can do nothing about the past and Linnet fans can’t do nothing about the future so to both sets of supporters I would urge, just focus of the feeling that flooded through your body when things were going well, and your day will be infinitely better then dwelling on the negatives…which if you allow it to life will throw at you with abundance.

And for the record the referee’s parents are alive and well…lovely people!!

Have a good day.

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