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Stress Busting…Church Cottage Morston…with Mr Bean.

Last weekend Mrs C, Ralph (dog) and myself spent the most relaxing and wonderful time with our extended family, Ben with his, and Julia with her, 2 boys (4 in total) in Morston North Norfolk.

It was my birthday, so as a treat Mrs C booked ‘Church Cottage’ Morston, a very small boating village situated between Blakeney and Wells – next- the – Sea, famous for little other than its trips to view the seals.

I had a dilemma.

Whilst I  loath to continue to promote our amazingly stress-reducing coast line for fear that it will become so busy that it will no longer have the same isolated appeal for us ‘locals’ as it currently has, because of my commitment to our growing tribe I feel obligated to promote its amazing therapeutic powers.

‘Church Cottage’ is a flint building which sits adjacent to the Church (strangely enough). It has been beautifully decorated and the attention to detail throughout is quite superb. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 with king size beds and two with twin singles (one being a bunk). The main focus of the lounge is an open fire (a large basket of dry logs was supplied) and two extra-large extremely comfortable sofas; the dining room, with its highly efficient wood-burner, easily accommodated the 8 of us,  and off the well-appointed kitchen was a snug, with a lounger and television (prefect for the boys). The cottage is fully central heated and has access to wifi.

Morston Quay was less than 5 minutes’ walk from the Cottage and this is where we embarked on Sunday morning for our trip out to the seal colony, with…yep…Mr Bean. The temperature differential between the sheltered village and exposed boat, was massive…and when it started to hail, even I, Mr unbearably positive, had to question the wisdom of our decision to get some fresh clear northerly air, whilst fighting off hyperthermia.

Luckily a few die-hard seals had remained in the area for the winter with the bulk, Mr Bean explained, heading north to better fishing grounds.

He went on to explain, “in November and December there are around 5000 seals along the North Norfolk coast”, so if you decide to plan a trip, these two months would be favourable, but make sure you wear plenty of warm clothes…cos it could be seriously cold.

Since we got Ralph (dog) our lives have change dramatically for the good. He not only gets us out but makes us think about interesting things to do, in our wonderful Norfolk countryside.

Early on Sunday morning I took him out and we walked along the coastal path towards Blakeney…whilst we didn’t make it, apparently the first building you hit when you enter Blakeney is a dog and children friendly pub…perhaps next time… but then again after all the alcohol we consumed over the weekend, my purpose for the walk was not to seek further beverages, but to try and remove some of the rather tasty gin and tonics, I had put away the previous evening…plus it was ONLY 08.00 in the morning!!!

North Norfolk boasts an array of wonderful places to stay (Church Cottage being one) and eating houses (there was a pub/ restaurant adjacent to our cottage) if you don’t feel like cooking. The air is amazingly clean and fresh and I cannot think of a more suitable place to find sanctuary whilst releasing shedloads of crazy stresses from the modern world…I would highly recommend Church Cottage…Mr Bean’s exhilarating boat trips  and the wonderful coastal walks.

It is now Tuesday evening, I have already driven more than 500 miles this week, and whilst I am suffering from a heavy cold…OK man flu…I simply cannot stop thinking about the amazing weekend I had with my incredible family…and this makes me feel soooo content, happy…and stress free…a set of feelings that when I was struggling BIG TIME I never thought I would enjoy again… so even though I have a full week of driving ahead with many appointments and am suffering from ‘man flu’ (I mention it again just in case you missed it first time)  I will simply lock onto these enlightening feelings, and keep my ‘mind monster’ silent.

Please share your stress releasing experiences…and locations.

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