Strictly speaking I’m not a celebrity but that Iain is still a right bell-end…

“A thought always precedes a reaction”…absolutely 100% FACT. And as we have and will continue to discuss 95% of all man’s reactions are automatically triggered…absolutely 100% FACT.

Brilliant when a sabre toothed tiger is charging at you but bloody awkward when the subconscious overeggs a non -negative situation and creates an internal storyline that might be absolutely ridiculous and without foundation, but to you totally believable. Think about it. In all honesty have you ever formed a negative opinion on someone, based purely on hearsay?

Although I am not proud of myself, over the years I have been guilty of forming some strong and quite unpleasant views about certain high profile individuals covering politics, sports and entertainment, who I have never met and for no apparent reason, simply based on that horrible gut-wrenching feeling my subconscious triggers whenever I see these individuals on TV or read about them in the press. I realise this is absolutely crazy behaviour and whilst I am sure those focused individuals are unlikely to worry about my deranged views when my feelings are fostered about someone nearer to home, then the fall-out can be embarrassing if not devastating.

For the first time ever I have become fascinated by ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here!..OK..OK…it’s not the first time but if I were to suggest that I was an ardent fan then I suspect some of you might think that I was a bit of a tosser…and take the piss. Regardless of your views my observations on this year’s series of I’m a”…is seriously relevant to our MANSTRESS platform, for reasons I will now explain.

For those of you who haven’t or won’t admit to watching “I’m a” the basic formula of the show is to put some B listed ‘celebrities’ into a foreign environment and watch them struggle…ALL very entertaining. So a number of ‘celebrities’ are dropped into the middle of the Australian outback and subjected to some pretty darned unpleasant jungle type ‘trials’, which normally requires them to eat some rather interesting fare to earn them and their colleagues some palatable food…

…clearly the producers are hoping that as the show progresses the close bond that the ‘celebrities’ initially formed will disintegrate as egos, fatigue and hunger combine to start causing frictions and fallouts.

So anyway the first batch of celebrities had been in the jungle for a few days and formed quite a tight bond when ‘lo and behold’ 2 more were added to the tribe…with one of them, Iain Lee (comedian and radio presenter) immediately being elevated to the position of leader…and given certain luxuries that befell his position…which obviously caused some derisions …good move by the producers.

They then went one better by splitting the tribe into 2 smaller groups…and for the next 2 days Iain’s group seemed to unfairly fare better than the other…which REALLY pissed certain individuals off, leading to Rebekah Vardy (Footballer’s wife) calling him a right bell-end…OK he might be a bell-end but that’s not up for discussion here…it’s the fact that Rebekah’s subconscious formed an opinion on Iain purely based on the circumstances orchestrated by the production team.

What Rebekah and her colleagues didn’t realise, Iain was guilty of nothing other than following the producer’s script and that every time his group won a ‘bush tucker’ trial they were actually accumulating benefits for Rebekah’s group…ouch…But to ensure success Iain and his group had to manipulate things to give themselves the best chance of success, elevating Rebekah’s negative opinion of him…much to the producer’s absolute delight!!

OK, YES I accept that for some “I’m a” is only a silly reality show but it still produces little gems like this.

Because in just one situation it provided a brilliant example of how the subconscious can be guilty of creating all kinds of relationship problems with self or others where no problems actually existed until the subconscious intervened.

Just remember this next time you find yourself getting pissed off by the antics of another.  In our conscious state we create a picture which our subconscious instantly embellishes into a story – good or bad. The sub-conscious doesn’t have any sense of proportion so a completely innocence and nondescript event, could, as Rebekah demonstrated, really mess your day up…or worse still seriously screw up a relationship.

Underestimate the power of your subconscious at your peril!!

Folks this is serious stuff!!

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