The bike and a fuckwit mob…this video really did piss me off.

Middlesbrough born prolific author and columnist, John Nicholson, sent me a link to an article he recently wrote for Football365 entitled “let’s hope sanity gets English ‘fans’ before the Russians”. It is a powerful piece and one I wanted to share because to be perfectly honest it really did piss me off…on all levels.

As a father and a grandfather there was something sooo special about that period of my life when our son came into the world. Indeed I can remember, like it was yesterday, the first time that Mrs C and I went shopping as proud parents into Mothercare for all the things that our wonderful little boy Ben would need and of course what we purchased were nothing to all the gear that respective grandparent shelled out for. 

When Ben was in his second year I bought a seat for him so that Mrs C could take him out on her bike and for a year or so that seat became an integral part of the mother/ son bonding that is so important during a child’s early years.

Indeed on many occasions, when Ben started nursery, when I was home I would strap in him into seat and cycle around to the hall myself, meeting up with other moms…and dads who were using the same mode of transport. It was truly a magical time and whenever I see a mother with junior in tow, cycle pass, it brings back amazing up-lifting memories. There are certain things in life that I believe are sacrosanct and a mother and child sharing the pleasure of a bike ride is right up there with the best. To me it represents a human ‘value’ that we should all aspire to and protect at all costs. 

Hence why the antics of the fuckwits in the following video really have pissed me right off and why I believe that those responsible should be forced…yes forced, to retrieve the bike involved.

Over to you John…

Let’s hope sanity gets England ‘fans’ before the Russians…

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