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TIGER! … my arse … fight or flight was killing me

Our ‘flight and fight’ response is an amazing piece of kit and throughout the history of the human race when faced with a threatening situation it has been instrumental in providing man with the physical and psychological strength to ensure his survival…TIGER!!!…RUN!!!

But fast forward to a world that is changing so quickly and dramatically the question now is whether this piece of prehistoric weaponry is fit for purpose because there is growing evidence that instead of protecting, it is killing us.

So what is fight or flight?

Corner any animal, and regardless of how cute it might appear, if its sub-conscious senses a threat it will instantly trigger a ‘survival at all costs’ response which will dramatically change the creature’s dynamics to temporarily provide it with supersonic strength and extraordinary power… during this transition nothing but survival matters and the cutest animal on planet earth will become terrifyingly aggressive and darn right nasty…you simply don’t frig about when your life is at stake.

But there is one BIG stonking problem here.

For much of man’s evolution the ‘fight and flight’ response worked perfectly well and as nature intended; being triggered only when our ancestors were confronted by a real life-threatening situation…and ‘real’ is the critical factor here.

As history shows, with the Sabre-toothed tiger and other aggressive beasts long gone, man began to move away from his hunter gatherer roots, and in search of wealth and prosperity, head for the towns and cities that started to blight the landscape…an environment that was to confuse the sub-conscious.


Because nature never designed this mechanism to deal with non-life-threatening events, but with man becoming increasingly materialistic and self-obsessed, the sub-conscious, which is so sensitive to the slightest emotional changes, began to trigger the ‘flight and fight’ response regardless of whether a threat existed or not.

In this mad 21st century world, with so much pressure being placed on us to conform to the crazy ‘targets’, ‘systems’ and ideologies of modern man, a bad hair day, a honking car horn or a spat with the boss, can be enough to trigger this powerful mechanism, instantly flooding our bodies with a cocktail of toxic stress hormones which by design will protect us from a life threatening situation;  …but with these chemicals washing through our bodies, to neither fight or flee was never in ‘nature’s calculations because this would result in the toxic ‘cocktail’ staying put and causing havoc to our bodies, which if left unchecked would systemically destroy *vital organs and ultimately kill us.

(*STRESS destroyed my thyroid and was actively working on doing the same to my digestive system)

And here’s the rub.

Worryingly for most of us the ‘world’ that we are part of is not conducive to either fighting or fleeing; I mean smacking your boss during an altercation might seem like a good idea at the time but it is unlikely to be a good career move and for that matter ‘legging it’ might not be seen as a sensible option either…so inadvertently we are trapped and absorbing a dangerous level of toxic chemicals …and  as a result our health is taking a serious hammering.

It is absolutely amazing what transformations take place to our anatomy and physiology when the flight or fight mechanism is triggered, but the one thing that really stood out for me when I started to research this subject, and the one thing you should be very aware of, because singularly it is wrecking relationships, is the effect ‘fight and flight’ has on our emotional state.

You see when threatened our subconscious immediately shuts off our ability to think rationally or logically as these factors are not required when a snarling beast is heading our way.

And by design…yes by design… instantly it turns us into the nastiest, most aggressive, foul mouthed and unpleasant individual that has ever set foot on planet earth…and furthermore by design…during this ‘survival at all costs’ transition we will NOT be capable of showing any love or affection to anyone because our conscious mind, the emotional part of our brain, will temporarily be closed down.

Does this sound like someone you know??

A while back I was explaining this subject to a friend, he prompted an interesting question.

“If this stuff was taught to the masses surely ‘idiots’  will argue that because of this quirk of nature they cannot be held responsible for any unacceptable anti-social behaviour? I can hear them now” he continued “I can’t help myself Gov. every time I get pissed, I see the red mist and get into a fight with my girlfriend and end up getting nicked.”

“Good point?” I conceded but my answer to that would be clear and concise.

“Yes you can, stop fucking drinking and get some serious help!!”

See the solution can be that simple!! How do I know? Well in a round-about way that is exactly what I did.

10 years ago I knew nothing about the human mind and it was only when I was getting seriously concerned about my fragile physical and mental health that I decided to call time and start searching for answers. This was a life changing move for me and I would urge you to do the same. Why? Because once you start to understand how the mind works, you will began to piece together a personal plan to reduce your stress levels and cleanse your system of the toxins that will seriously harm…if not kill you .

Google ‘Fight and flight’ for more information.

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