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I wanta change my mind but can’t!!!

I wanta change my mind but can’t!!!

You can but be prepared for a real scrap!!

Part 1 – the power of the subconscious mind

How many times have you tried, but failed, to change the way you think about yourself or someone else…and thereby formed the opinion that changing your mind is impossible?

Look, I spent over 50 years believing that I was thick and rather stupid, two really heavyweight negative beliefs that caused me to doubt my amazing abilities and ended up causes me all kind of unpleasant psychological and more recently physical ailments.

Now I am nether stupid or thick and yet until I started down this journey of self- discovery I was prepared to accept that feeling shit a lot of the time was just part of the colourful life that had been mapped out for me. To appreciate good days you have got to experience shit days was the code that I naively lived by. WHAT ABSOLUTE MADNESS!!! But then no one taught me otherwise.

The human mind is an amazing piece of kit and yet I wager, just like me, most of us don’t have the slightest idea of how the most amazing and powerful computer ever created actually works, because if we did, life would certainly be significantly better for most of us.

I spent 15 years going along an educational rollercoaster with exasperated teachers trying to plant some useless information into my bored mind without every considering that perhaps giving me better understanding of how my increasingly screwed up mind worked, would give me a better platform for my future life than learning that some fuckwit king got an arrow in his eye in 1066.

OK bit of a pisser for Harold (but who looks up when it’s raining arrows? – I rest my case your honour) but totally irrelevant to Richard Jonathan Crisp during 1966-74 when my subconscious was creating the final blueprint for the adult I was to become.

I really scares me when I look at my 2 wonderful grandchildren and realise that by design…yes nature designed it this way…the foundation for their future; their beliefs and associated behaviours; will have been ingrained into their virgin minds before they reach the age of 8…just think of that for a few seconds…before YOU were 8 years old… virtually every negative script that will have such a massive impact on your beliefs and behaviours throughout adult life was implanted into your mind before you were old or mature enough to question the validity of the information being implanted.

And here’s the rub…once implanted regardless of how devastating that script might be to your future health/wealth and happiness, the subconscious, by design (nature again) will not change the default setting for that script…without one hell of a scrap.

Hence why in my case, thick and stupid were two of the more ridiculous beliefs I carried with me for over 50 years!

I mean how thick and stupid is that?

Now you have to give nature a bit of a break here because when it was faced with designing a mechanism that would enable humans to survive in a hostile world it recognised that such a mechanism had to instantly recreate responses without thought.


So this job was entrusted to your subconscious which has a massive capability for collecting, collating and storing information.

Indeed every second, through your 5 senses, your subconscious is filtering millions of pieces of information and triggering responses as programmed…regardless of the outcome…you may laugh at something that others don’t find funny…that is all down to individual programming; you may support a particular sports team or political party, enjoy certain music that is in conflict to others…yep all down to programming…you may respond calmly to a situation that others react aggressively to…once again programming.

The real tragedy here is although nature’s intent was certainly honourable, it actually screwed things up big time because virtually every one of us is having to live with a set of programmes (scripts) that are so toxic that they are seriously damaging the relationship with ourselves and others…and worse still because the feelings that are triggered by these toxic programmes (scripts) seem so real and consist we actually believe those feelings to be part of us.

During supper with Stuart and Paul this week, we were discussing this point because they both have toxic programmes which have a massive effect on their lives today and will continue to do so unless they learn how to address and neutralise these programmes.


You were not born with your crazy mind numbing beliefs and I am pretty damn certain you would never have chosen to embrace thoughts and behaviours which consistently screw your mind…and life up.

Humans were born with clean virgin minds which, through a complete bollocks up by nature, were left completely exposed and unprotected against data being implanted by others, which now serves us so badly.

Don’t you see you were never broken…you never needed fixing…YOU just relied on a set of predetermined programmes (scripts) implanted by others that never supported the person you really wanted to be.

Look if given the choice would you ever have chosen your life to be influenced by a set of negative, toxic, ridiculous beliefs that were implanted by others who were dealing with their own negative, toxic, ridiculous beliefs…why the hell would you allow yourself to be subjected to such madness?

But of course at the age this was happening you never had the choice…but YOU do now.

For me just understanding how powerful my subconscious mind was, was a bloody good start to the changes I set out to make…this is still a work in progress but every day I feel just that little bit more in control…and as the feeling is good I just keep on following a simple process.

Yes of course I still have shit days (Christ I’m only human) but the effects never seem as powerful or as long lasting whilst the good days just seem that much better.

So what is the simple process I am following and what other ‘tools’ are there to help you make the changes you desire.

I will discuss them in the next chapter.

Happy Christmas…and remember we are all in this together and we can achieve anything…because the power of ‘WE’ is significant greater than the power of ‘ME’

If you have a story to share please do so…this site is about YOU not us…

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