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Who programmed your mind?

Stressed…anxious….depressed…check out who programmed your mind…what do you think???…scary hey?

I can say this without any fear of contradiction that there is every likelihood that YOU, yes you, an absolutely uniquely amazing person, have been struggling for years from negative beliefs about yourself which have triggered ridiculous and at times devastating reactions, resulting in far reaching consequences on the relationship you have with yourself…and others.

Am I right or am I right?

And YOU know what the really bad news here is? And I mean real pee you off is this bad news; the foundation of your beliefs, behaviours and subsequent reactions were not of your making…Really?…Too right really!

From the day you arrived on planet earth YOUR mind has been open house to million pieces of information gathered through your 5 principle senses, which is  how nature planned for the human mind to learn.  But nature made one massive mistake…it didn’t fit any interceptors on the input channels of your mind to filter the toxic stuff as it flooded in and this miscalculation meant that during your formative years when your mind was at its most vulnerable; when your emotional and mental receptors were on a full receiving mode…it was not just open to the good stuff, the walking, talking period of your development.

Oh no.

But exposed to a tidal-wave of destructive information which it accepted, embraced and stored without question…and it is from this rocky foundation as you journeyed through your life into adulthood your beliefs and behaviours were fostered…and at times severely distorted .

And here the rub virtually every piece of destructive information; and we are talking here about really life changing toxic CRAP was inadvertently implanted by others…parents, teachers, siblings and friends; during a time when YOUR virgin mind had an insatiable appetite for information and would absorb literally everything without question, especially from those you trusted, who had been charged with programming your mind.

Simply spend a few minutes NOW observing the innocence of a young child and be mindful that it was at their age that the foundations of your emotional and mental development was moulded and you suddenly start to understand the source of nature’s ‘faux pas’.

But it gets worse.

With your mature mind, now examine every individual that had a significant input in your development and answer this.

Knowing what you know now about each one of these individuals, especially their emotional and mental states, negative beliefs and behaviours, if you were able to reprogram your subconscious mind; which without question the most powerful ‘computer’ that has ever existed on this planet; would you task the same group with that life changing responsibility?…Scary hey?

Now here’s the crux…the £1 million question…if YOU could choose would you choose to live your life according to a different set of internal rules, discarding all those ridiculous, crazy negative beliefs that have served you so badly or on the flip side are you happy to continue to struggle?

Quite simply the choice is yours.

Through the MANSTRESS platform we will continue to publish information that, if embraced, can help you neutralise the toxic files in your sub-conscious which are currently serving you so badly.

Because your sub-conscious doesn’t like change, the process takes time so you will need to be committed, but if you truly are pissed off with who you have become, then we will give you the tools for effecting the changes you want to make…that’s our commitment to you…together we can make this happen.

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