Why it is essential that MIND studies is taught in schools

When I was researching for my book I met a friend who was in a dark place. His father had just died and whilst he was struggling he found that his relationship with his daughter was degenerating…and they were seriously arguing and he was finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the fall-out.

What transpired, his daughter who was very close to her grandfather was equally trying to deal with the loss and as part of her survival instinct she was distancing herself from her father because in her MIND that would protect her should something happen to him.

My friend then went on to tell me that she had had a pretty dreadful 18 months with 3 of her social group committing suicide. OMG!

Now up until that moment I had been frigging around with the idea of writing a book (dyslexics don’t write books was one of the self-sabotaging programmes ingrained in my sub-conscious) but sometimes we all need a bullet up our arses to get our heads into gear…and this was one BIG bastard bullet…Why? Because I knew why those children had killed themselves and therefore I had to force myself into over-riding some deep-rooted entrenched beliefs in my subconscious and get on with it…as a consequence I became an avid reader of anything I could find on the human MIND and what I found just blew me away and the same reoccurring question kept popping into my head “Why aren’t we taught this stuff at school?”

Since launching MANSTRESS I have continued to read books which recently included Johann Hani – ‘Lost Connection’ and Lissa Rankins – ‘Mind over medicine’, and both have really stimulated my thinking with regards to the whole subject of mental health…and the role of the MIND.  

While writing my own book ‘CRAP THANKS how’s your life been? (Now available on Amazon £9.99) I concluded that Mother Nature really did screw things up BIG TIME for the human animal because ‘she’ never consider that man would progress beyond the cave. So whilst the mechanism that ‘she’ designed to help prehistoric man to survive was perfect sound, fast forward a few zillion years and it is proving to be totally inadequate to deal with the mountain of STRESSES that modern man is having to contend with. And the BIG problem is modern man doesn’t understand this BECAUSE NOBODY EVER TOLD US… and this is where I believe education has a responsibly. 

This week I am speaking to North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb on Thursday, who is extremely active and interested in the subject of Mental Health. 

The subject that I will be focusing on during my 15 minutes with Norman is education. Whilst I am trying to understand why this stuff is not taught in schools it actually demonstrates how little is understood or appreciated about the importance of MIND studies…and when you start delving into the statistics it is frightening.

Of course in the modern world it is important that children are given every opportunity to learn various skills, but the fact that there is no requirement to teach children about how their MINDS work, is quite frankly scandalous.  Because without such knowledge, generation after generation will fail to protect the most important and primary source from which ALL of our future positive or negative beliefs, thoughts and subsequent behaviours will automatically be triggered.

And as the case of the 3 youngsters tragically demonstrates how an unhealthy MIND can lead to devastating consequences.

You see the MIND is amazing if you look after it but if it keeps being over-loaded ultimately it will shut-down causing all kinds of mental and psychological ailments. Every one of the 6 million individuals currently being treated for depression in the UK, could be academically brilliant but many will be emotionally shot because they were never taught about this stuff….which demonstrates just how outrageous the current educational policy is. And what is really crazy about this some of very people setting the syllabus for our children, will be juggling with their own emotional demons.

If you took 100 babies, all born on the same day, and followed their lives for the first 5-7 years; an evolutional period in their development where their personalities and characteristics will be formed and entrenched into their sub-conscious minds, based on the environment, social and economic world in which they live, every one of those children will have developed specific beliefs, skills and needs that the one stop shop education system is not geared to deal with. Schools of course will say they cannot be social workers but we are entrusting them to teach the next generation life skills…yes skills that will allow them to flourish through life… and everything….absolutely every ‘stonking’ thing when it comes to life skills, is controlled by our MINDS… so as our children enter education they will be exposed to all kinds of things which they will either embrace or reject, based on the programs that are set in their subconscious. And yet the education system regardless of each child’s unique programmes and abilities, shoehorns them all into a set educational format, which may give them high Ofsted points, but will do nothing to protect the child against the powerful negative beliefs that they will form as the pressure of education, commercialism, their interaction with others and their secret lives, collide…children as young as 12 are being prescribed antidepressants for CHRIST SAKE!! 

The medical profession is doing what it can to help individuals that are mentally and physically struggling and yet in fairness, besides prescribing ‘sugar pills’ there is little they can do, unless the individuals are prepared to help themselves.

 ‘New age’ science, which is covered in both Johann’s and Lissa’s books, is proving that if the conditions are right then the MIND is perfectly capable of addressing most illnesses without medical intervention. But for the MIND to achieve this, it has to be relaxed and calm which means that we humans need to be far more selective about what we allow to be implanted into our MINDS.

 STRESS MANAGEMENT is essential and something every child should be taught throughout the educational life, so they instinctively know what they have to do when their bodies start to react negatively to any given situation… And long before they decide to jump off a multi storey car park…for Christ’s sake!!

In a world that is placing huge demands on the next generation, where stress related illnesses are severely affecting the health, working and social lives of millions; and destroying relationships, some joined up thinking is required at government level because as Einstein once famously said…”Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. 

It was only my inquisitive MIND that has taken me down this fascinating route. But I was 56 before I started this journey which was prompted by the death of 3 amazing young people, which on all levels really does piss me off.  Why? Because from a very young age, I adopted some crazing beliefs and behaviours about myself which, although not life threatening, moulded my life in a way that I would not have chosen…and actually severed me really badly.

That’s why I believe it is essential that MIND studies should be an essential part of the curricular …what do you think?

Take care.

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